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Affordability and Credibility

UHCL's College of Human Sciences and Humanities provides an affordable solution to those seeking an online option for acquiring a B.S. in Anthropology. This program merges both quality with convenience, emphasizing the study of the whole human being. It is focused on understanding diversity in Houston, the United States and the World.

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The American Anthropological Association notes on its webpage that, “Anthropologists can be found in corporations, all levels of government, educational institutions and non-profit associations. They work in disaster areas, including Ground Zero in New York and the Gulf Coast during the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.”

Learn at Your Convenience

The B.S. in Anthropology can be completed in as little as 2 years by taking 10 online courses per year, across the fall, spring and summer semesters.

Anthropology, B.S.

Transfer Credit

This 'completer' program combines the freshman and sophomore level courses, earned elsewhere, with the junior and senior level courses required to obtain the degree. Follow the Transfer Guide below to ensure you successfully complete the lower level courses, and are prepared to transition into the junior- and senior-level courses that are conveniently offered online through UHCL.

All junior- and senior-level courses are conveniently offered online.

Transfer Guide (PDF)

Invest a Little For a Big Return

Investigate the direction of your future with this look into the prospective costs of a degree from UHCL.

Fee Schedule Calculator

*Students receive a tuition and fee break by taking more courses per semester. Use the tuition calculator to compare how tuition and fees vary the more courses you take per semester. The calculated tuition and fee total is an estimate and may be subject to change. Excludes special fees that do not affect all students.

Gain Real-World Knowledge

Our distinguished faculty are dedicated to the study and understanding of people, and to using that understanding to improve lives.

Our coursework fosters fieldwork skills, analytical reading, critical thinking, strong oral and written communication skills, an understanding of wide-ranging cultures, and an appreciation of the value of diversity.

The program prepares students to be global citizens by promoting skills for engaging responsibly and ethically in diverse communities, both nationally and globally.

Increase Your Professional Value

As an Anthropology graduate, you will have a unique skill set and will be able to work in diverse, cross-cultural settings. You will master interdisciplinary problem solving, writing, critical thinking, logic, public speaking, statistics, mapping skills, ethics, ethnographic methods, and qualitative research methods.

Anthropology majors will excel in industries including:

  • Teaching
  • Healthcare
  • Human Resources
  • International Relations and diplomatic spheres



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