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Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Plan English Language Arts, Reading and Social Studies 4-8

Find an Enriching Second Career in the Classroom

Changing to a career in education can be rewarding and inspirational. When you begin University of Houston-Clear Lake's Post-Baccalaureate certification plan with core subjects English, Language Arts and Reading/Social Studies 4-8, you'll get the coursework and the support you'll need to teach students to succeed in important core subjects. And because you're a second-career teacher, you'll use your previous professional experiences to enrich the material you're teaching your students so they can become problem solvers, creative thinkers, and great future leaders.

Put Your Love of Knowledge to Work

Your certification will equip you to teach three extremely important core subjects in an elementary or middle school classroom. Your coursework will prepare you for certification and to become an effective, creative classroom teacher with the ability to inspire students. With the organizational and communication skills you acquired in your previous career, you'll become a role model who can impart real-world experiences to your students and play a critical role in their success.

Although it is not necessary for students holding at least a bachelor's degree and seeking initial teacher certification to pursue a second bachelor's degree, those who wish to do so must meet the university's lower-level requirements in addition to the requirements for both teacher certification and the second degree, unless such requirements were met through the completion of the first bachelor's degree. These lower-level requirements are described in the Core section of the catalog. 
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Admission Requirements

UHCL’s College of Education would love to have you join us. Find out today what it takes to apply.

Degree Requirements

Ready to learn about the classes you need to take to earn your degree from the College of Education at University of Houston-Clear Lake? Find out all you need to know about the required course work, complete with options for electives.

Degree Plan

Cost Information

Create a plan for your education by studying the likely prices for your UHCL degree in education.
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Deadlines for Applying

  • Transfer Deadlines
  • Spring 2022
    Priority - January 4
    Final - January 14
  • Summer 2022
    Priority - May 1
    Final (Summer Session I) - May 25
    Final (Summer Session II) - July 1
  • Fall 2022
    Priority - August 12
    Final - August 17

  • International Deadlines
  • Fall

    Priority – March 1
    Final  – June 1

  • Spring

    Priority – August 1
    Final – November 1

  • Summer*

    Priority – February 1
    Final – April 20

Students interested in qualifying for scholarships &/or applying for visas outside the U.S. should apply and submit the application documents/test scores by the priority deadline

*International freshmen applicants will not be accepted for Summer semester.


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About UHCL

Accreditations and Distinctions

The College of Education is accredited by the State Board for Educator Certification/Texas Education Agency.

We’ve earned national recognition for accomplishment and innovation, including the Christa McAuliffe Award for Excellence in Teacher Education.

Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Plan English Language Arts, Reading and Social Studies 4-8 Faculty

Lillian Benavente-McEnery
Lillian Benavente-McEnery

Lillian Benavente-McEnery

Professor of Literacy, Language Arts, and Literature Studies,

Contact number: 281-283-3539
Office: Bayou Suite 1321

Lillian Benavente-McEnery Faculty Bio

Kent Divoll
Kent Divoll

Kent Divoll

Doctoral Program Coordinator and Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction,

Contact number: 281-283-3634
Office: Bayou Suite 1119

Kent Divoll Faculty Bio

Denise McDonald
Denise McDonald

Denise McDonald

Professor of Curriculum and Instruction,

Contact number: 281- 283-3544
Office: Bayou Suite 1119

Denise McDonald Faculty Bio

Roberta Raymond

Roberta Raymond

Program Coordinator and Associate Professor of Literacy, Language Arts, and Literature Studies Program ,

Contact number: 281-283-3593
Office: Bayou Suite 1325

Roberta Raymond Faculty Bio