Exchange Visitors (J1 Status)

UHCL is a temporary home-away-from-home for many foreign nationals, who are only in the U.S. on a short-term basis. The J-1 visa category offers these students and scholars the opportunity to participate in an educational and cultural exchange. UHCL sponsors students, Short-Term Scholars, Specialists, and Visiting Researchers and Professors.

The following links pertain to these J-1 visa holders and their J-2 dependents:

  1. Regulations for J-1 students –Requirements for maintaining J-1 student status at UHCL
  2. Regulations for J-1 Short-Term Scholars and Specialists—Key regulations and procedures affecting scholars and specialists
  3. Regulations for J-1 Visiting Researchers and Professors –Key regulations and procedures affecting scholars, specialists, and their J-2 dependents
  4. Employment—Types of authorized employment for Exchange Visitors
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