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Our Journey



May 2022: Dr. Wooten, Chief Strategy Officer, presented to the University Council an update of the Impact 2025 and Beyond strategy. Tier 1 Objective initiatives were entered into Spider Impact and readied for data capture.  

February 2022: Transform, Translate and Transcend were the words iterated by President Walker, on February 15, 2022. These words emanate the mission of the UHCL Strategic Plan as we progress towards the implementation of Impact 2025 and Beyond strategy.


August 2021: Deans, Division Leads and Balance Scorecard Professionals convened to develop 10 integrated initiatives combined from the 50 initiatives presented in July's presentation.

July 2021: Deans and Vice Presidents presented their Tier 2 Strategic Plans and top initiatives. 

March 2021: A survey was designed to rank each initiative based on impact. The survey was completed January 29 and presented in March.


January 2020: The leadership team met to prioritize strategic objectives, perspectives, and initiatives using the UHCL Balanced Scorecard Program.


December 2019: The Strategic Management Team and Objective Owners met to finalize objective commentary, measures, and initiatives as well as outlined the implementation plan.

November 2019: Objective Owners participated in a two-day workshop to determine performance measures of strategic objectives. The Strategic Management Team met to review strategic objectives and refine measures and KPIs. 

October 2019:The Strategic Management Team convened for part 1 of the development of overall strategic objectives and strategy map for each theme. Our Mission, Vision and Values are approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). 

September 2019: Theme Team Workshops were held to refine the strategic themes and develop for each, a strategy map consisting of 8-15 objectives and supporting initial outcomes for each objective. The Strategic Planning Facilitation and Training Team participated in a week-long Balanced Scorecard Certification program to assist with the effective long-term implementation of the strategic plan.

June 2019: Strategic Foundations Workshop was held to discuss how to frame the themes based on four perspectives: students and stakeholders, resource stewardship, university process, and organizational capacity.

May 2019: Vision, Mission, and Values statements were approved by the University of Houston System Board of Regents quarterly meeting. 

April/May 2019: Various committees, teams and advisory boards were assembled to launch UHCL's strategic planning process with nine interactive forums for faculty, staff and students to discuss the theme areas listed below. These sessions provided valuable feedback to determine our actual themes, competitive analysis and strategic positioning.


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