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Vision, Mission and Values


University of Houston-Clear Lake will lead as a learner-centered university dedicated to achieving national prominence in transformative education grounded in creative activities, innovative research, and community partnerships that serve regional, state, and global locations. UHCL launches your future!


University of Houston-Clear Lake places its highest priority on serving a diverse body of students in every aspect of their university experience. UHCL's teacher scholars provide high quality, student-centered undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare students to thrive in a competitive workplace and to make meaningful contributions to their communities. UHCL fosters critical thinking and lifelong learning through a strong legacy of vibrant community partnerships complementing its historical focus on teaching, research, creative activity, and service.

Core Values

1. Learner-focused

UHCL is committed to maintaining and building strong degree plans that foster creativity and critical thinking. We are invested in our students and are committed to their growth, development, and transformation.

Impact: Inspire individuals to grow to their fullest potential.

2. Transformation

UHCL empowers individuals to learn, grow, and develop as leaders and contributors. We support, and foster leadership and collaboration among students, faculty, and staff.

Impact: Forge Visionary leaders who are agents of change in their fields.

3. Innovation

UHCL cultivates fearless imagination when creating new programs, teaching methods, and research opportunities that prepare students to meet the challenges of changing global economy. We are attuned to social, economic and environmental changes and take timely action to respond to them.

Impact: Deliver the solutions to challenges of today and tomorrow.

4. Welcoming Community

UHCL embraces openness to students, staff, faculty, and partners from all the communities we serve. We celebrate our status as a Hispanic-serving and as a Minority-serving institution. We distinguish ourselves by providing a welcoming learning environment with respect and care for all.

Impact: Create a community that develops well-rounded individuals who contribute to the global society.

5. Resilience

UHCL embodies perseverance, passion, commitment, resolve and grit to bring positive change to the university and community.

Impact: Evolve as a community to persevere through challenges and adversity.

6. Service

UHCL is committed to community values, partnerships and collaboration. We create a service culture among faculty, staff, and students. UHCL maintains strong sustainable relationships by engaging various stakeholders to achieve mutual goals and objectives.

Impact: Develop leaders who foster the growth and well-being of the communities they serve

7. Integrity

UHCL fosters honesty and trust among all internal and external constituents. We are committed to our values and being accountable to our constituency in an atmosphere of generosity and kindness.

Impact: Build a community of trusted individuals.

8. Sustainability

UHCL maintains stewardship over resources including but not limited to university finances and operations, the socio-physical environment.

Impact: Make a difference in our world for generations to come.