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Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Below are links to common chemical manufacturers and databases that you may use to find Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in the course of your academic or professional work here at UHCL.  The preferred method is to utilize the SDS that came with the product. Whenever possible, retain this copy in an electronic format or binder to insure that you have the most relevant data for your product.  When searching on your own, you should attempt to find the appropriate chemical supplier, concentration and formulation of your product. Product composition may differ between manufacturers and similar products, or even batches of the same product. Similar product SDS may be helpful, but are no real substitute for the information from the manufacturer or the product on hand.

SDS should be reviewed for chemical health and physical hazards, and appropriate safeguards prior to use.  Never handle materials without knowing their potential hazards: Recognize, Assess, Minimize, and Prepare for the Hazards.

Some SDS may be found by searching for the product name on the manufacturer's website, and may be a link on the product's data page.  Different websites may be compatible with different internet browsers.  If you are unable to find an SDS of interest from the links below, or need additional help with chemical information, contact the UHCL Environmental, Health and Safety Office.

Manufacturer Links:

Information contained in Safety Data Sheets are to be used for reference purposes, and are not written by the University of Houston-Clear Lake.  UHCL cannot guarantee that any one SDS will be comprehensive, but the SDS from the manufacturer you are using is recommended.  Several resources are provided to help determine hazards and promote the safe handling of materials. Use good judgment and follow conservative handling practices when in doubt.  

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