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Permit Procedures & Applications, Forms

Food Permits

Whenever food is sold or distributed on campus, public food safety rules apply, and a temporary food permit must be obtained.  This applies to employees, students, and community visitors.  Read the Temporary Food Permit Policies and Procedures for the requirements, which was significantly updated for the Spring 2022 semester.

Food permit applications must be submitted online at least two weeks in advance at Login credentials are the same as your campus computer login.

Applicants must acknowledge they have read the Temporary Food Permit Policies and Procedures before applying, by signing a Declaration of Acknowledgement (DOA) page and uploading that into the online permit system.  After the DOA is uploaded, the permit application screen will open.

Only low-risk, dry baked goods are allowed to be made / cooked by individuals at home. High-Risk / home-cooked food / beverage is no longer permitted to be sold or distributed by individuals or groups.  Only UHCL sponsored special events planned well in advance will be considered for High Risk food items made / cooked on campus.  

All risk level food permits, and all homemade foods require Food Handler’s Training through an accredited training provider, such as or at a nominal cost ($7-15) to the applicant, which is typically good for 3 years. 

Private events do not need a food permit, but if in a public space, groups must post signs that it is for their members only, not the general public.

Non-shelf-stable food and beverage must be kept hot or cold during the event, and the maximum amount of time for each permit is four hours.

Food items prepared in individuals home kitchen are required to have a Home Operations Food Statement, and list potential allergen ingredients.  This statement flyer is generated within the online permit system and submitted via email when food permit applications are approved.

Fire Extinguisher training (, and an Open Flame Permit is required when sterno's, barbeque grills, candles, etc. are used for hot holding, cooking, or decorative fire use. Training is needed for the person who will be present at the event as the designated fire watch. In the online permit system, select Open Flame Permit (OFP) on the application, and upload the fire training certificate. The OFP is generated and emailed along with the food permit when approved by EHS. Print the OFP and keep it with you at the event. A fire extinguisher may be borrowed from the Fire Marshal's office (x.2110) if there is not one nearby at the event. If needed, please communicate in advance, and stop by at least the business day before the event to pick up, and return the following business day after your event.

When purchasing food for an event, keep in mind that UHCL Dining Services has the first right of refusal on campus. See the Food Service Waiver Request form on the Procurement and Payables page for amounts over $100 using University funds.

Should the online permit system be down, you may submit a paper food permit application to  If you are not a UHCL student or employee, and are renting out UHCL facilities for a private event, coordinate with the scheduling department or location to submit the online application for your event.  Individuals or businesses wishing to rent UHCL facilities to make profit with food / beverages may apply to the City of Houston or Pasadena for a Temporary Food Permit.

Hot Work

A Hot Work Permit is required when performing any work that involves burning, welding, or cutting using fire or spark producing tools, or tools that produces a source of ignition. Contact the University Fire Marshal at 281-283-2110 for questions concerning any work being performed on campus that may require a Hot Work Permit.

Inter Departmental Transfer (IDT) Form

The Inter Departmental Transfer (IDT) form is used for billing costs back to departments for projects, fees, or items purchased that EHS assists with. For example, items needed with renovations such as asbestos or mold testing and remediation, fire sprinkler updates; or first aid training materials cost, safety items needing purchased, and state license fees. 

Save IDT form to computer, then right click to open and choose “edit with Adobe Acrobat.”  Type in the fields and sign where needed.

Incident Reporting Forms

For any incident or injury that occurs on campus, a report must be completed and submitted within 24hrs or the next business day to HR and EHS (   

  • If you witness an incident, a statement must be submitted. 
  • Below, please locate the proper form(s) for employees, and students and visitors.
  • Employee worker's compensation information can be found on the HR Workers Comp Benefits web page.

Employees (faculty, staff, and paid student workers)

Students and Visitors

Liability Release and Indemnification Agreement

This form is created by the UH System Office of General Counsel, and is used for an activity or trip on or off campus. Any updates to the form can be searched for on the UHS OGC Miscellaneous Contracts and Forms page.






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