Stay Healthy, Hawks: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

For all the reasons why UHCL is such a clear choice - the hands-on lessons you learn from internships and co-ops, the unwavering support you get from faculty and administrators who want to help you go as far as possible and our perennial status as one of the most affordable public universities in Texas - none of it means nearly as much without this very important fact:

We deliver on your future.

258 Courses with Community Engagement Activity

The experience you get here is for a purpose - to give you a better chance at career success. And while we’re affordable, we’re a great value because of how far our degrees take you. You’re choosing UHCL to get the knowledge and experience it takes to stand out from the crowd and launch your résumé to the top of the list. Here are just a few ways that we do that:

  • Employers know UHCL. And in Houston, the nation’s fourth-biggest city, there are plenty - in the U.S., only New York City is home to more Fortune 500 companies. And while oil and energy companies may dominate our landscape, we have a growing presence in biotech, software, health and more. Businesses of all kinds routinely work with us to find students across our four schools.
  • Many of our more than 66,000 alumni  go far. And plenty stay right here, in the greater Houston area, which means you have a network of thousands of committed Hawks who want to see you succeed, too.
  • We care about you in class - and outside of it. Our career counselors are ready to make you the best candidate you can be and will work with you one-on-one to help find a suitable career, prepare for on-campus job fairs and find other opportunities.

You can find successful UHCL graduates in all walks of life– in science, medicine, business, public service and more.