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Credit Card Processing Fee Policy

Effective July 18, 2022, payments for student accounts related to tuition and fees (including short term or emergency loans) made by credit or debit card (used as a credit card) will be assessed a processing fee of 1.40%.

This fee covers processing charges assessed by the credit card companies, and it is applicable only when you use a credit or debit card (used as a credit card) for tuition or fee payments. The processing fee will be charged at the time of payment.

This fee does not impact other methods of payment or departmental credit/ debit card payments. Credit and debit cards will continue to be accepted by departments online and in person (as applicable). We have collected payment options available that do not assess such a charge in the "Additional Payment Methods" section of this page.

What to Expect

A 1.40% processing fee will be assessed for tuition and fee payments made with a credit or debit card by MasterCard, Discover, Visa or American Express.

  • This charge will appear as a separate transaction on the cardholder's credit card statement.
  • The fee is non-refundable.
  • Credit/debit card payments shall be made online.
  • Credit/debit card payments are not accepted by phone.

This payment policy will permit UHCL to keep costs down for all of our students so we can provide outstanding academic programs and services, while continuing to provide other no-cost options for student tuition and fee payments.

Additional Payment Methods

To avoid the credit card processing fee, we offer other options for tuition and fee payments with no additional cost to payer.



You can make your payment via electronic check or ACH transaction. Enter the bank account routing and account numbers from your personal check. Do not use your debit card information.

Where to Find Check information

  • If you are uncertain about what information to use, please contact your banking institution.
  • Do not include the check number.
  • The entry of incomplete or inaccurate information may lead to a $25 fee for items returned for:
    • Account Not Found
    • Unable to Locate
    • Insufficient Funds

You may use your BankMobile account by using the "Online Bill Pay" feature and avoid the processing fee. To learn how, follow these instructions.

By Mail

By Mail

To pay via personal check, cashier check or money order, mail your payment to:

UHCL Student Business Services
2700 Bay Area Blvd, Mail Code 106
Houston, TX 77058

  • Payments must be received by UHCL 24 business hours in advance of the payment deadline date to allow adequate processing time prior to the deadline.
  • The student’s name and UHCL student ID number must accompany all mailed payments to ensure timely processing.
In Person

In Person

Payment by check, money order or cash may be made in person at Student Business Services at either campus.

  • UH-Clear Lake: Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm
  • UHCL at Pearland: Tuesday - Thursday: 8am - 5pm

Hours are subject to change. Please visit the Student Business Services website for current information.

After-hour payments can be placed in the secure depository slot adjacent to the Student Business Services windows at the Clear Lake and Pearland campuses.

  • The student's name and UHCL student ID must accompany payments to ensure timely processing.
  • Payments placed in the depository after hours on a payment deadline date will not be processed until the next business day.
  • In this instance, late payment fees and/or the deletion of course schedules will apply.

A $25 Return Fee will be assessed for any returned check, including payment made online or via electronic check/ACH.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a credit card processing fee?

A credit card processing fee is charged by credit card companies for processing credit card transactions.

Why is UHCL charging a fee for the use of my credit card?

Accepting credit card payments has become prohibitively expensive for UHCL because of the fees being charged by credit card companies. This expense has been paid in the past by university tuition revenue and other student fees, which resulted in reduction of funds available for the university’s academic programs and student services. Therefore, we now charge a processing fee of 1.40% on credit card transactions, but we are also committed to providing you and your families a range of options for paying your educational expenses, including cash, check and e-check (ACH).

Why is the processing fee 1.40%? How was that percentage established?

1.40% is the rate determined by University of Houston Treasury Management based on the interchange rate that UHCL is paying on its sales.

Will UHCL charge a processing fee for payments that are not tuition-fee related?

Currently, the UH–Clear Lake processing fee will only apply to payments related to student tuition and fees.

What credit cards are accepted by UHCL for student account payments?

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Debit cards, when processed as a credit card transaction, will also accepted.

If I use my debit card to pay my student account charges, will I be charged the processing fee?

Yes – if you use your debit card like a credit card to pay your student account charges, you will be charged the 1.40% processing fee. To avoid paying the processing fee, we recommend that you use the electronic check or ACH process from your personal checking or savings account debits.

Is there any way I can avoid paying a processing fee?

Yes, you can avoid paying the 1.40% processing fee by paying online with an electronic check, also known as ACH, which draws directly from your checking or savings account. You may also pay in person with cash or physical check. Please note that any check payment returned due to insufficient funds, unable to locate or account not found will be subject to a returned check fee of $25.

Do other universities charge a processing fee for credit card transactions?

Yes, an increasing number of universities are collecting such fees and surcharges for credit and debit card transactions.

What is the minimum amount on which a processing fee may be charged?

The credit card processing fee shall be charged on all transactions, no matter the amount.

Do other UH System campuses also charge a processing fee for credit card payments?

Yes, each campus in the University of Houston System charges a processing fee commensurate with the interchange fees they are assessed by the credit card company.

Can I make a credit card payment on my student account over the telephone?

Unfortunately, you cannot make a credit card payments over the telephone, fax, mail or email. This a security measure to ensure confidentiality of your payment information.

Can I pay in person using a credit card?

Unfortunately, no – you can only make a credit card payment online.

If I make a credit card payment in error, will my processing fee be refunded?

No, the processing fee is not refundable, even if the payment to which it relates is cancelled, refunded, credited or charged back.

Often I receive checks from my credit card company. Can I use the routing number and account number on these checks to make an electronic check (e-check) payment?

No, the credit card companies will not honor such checks when used electronically. The payment will be returned as “account not found.” To avoid a processing fee, you may send this check through the mail or deliver it directly to Student Business Services to credit your student account.

Will the processing fee that I am charged be included on my Student Account breakdown and statement?

UHCL is working with other UH campuses to establish a process wherein the student will receive a receipt that will reflect the processing fee on a separate line item.

How will my student account payment and processing fee payment appear on my credit card statement?

Two separate transactions will appear on your credit card statement: one transaction will appear for the student account payment and another transaction will reflect the processing fee.

Is the credit card processing fee refundable?

No, the fee is not refundable unless there is a university error.


  • Student Business Services

    Phone: 281-283-2170

    Student Services Classroom Building, 1.103
    2700 Bay Area Blvd, Box 106
    Houston, TX 77058-1002

    Clear Lake Office Hours:
    Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    UHCL at Pearland:
    Phone: 281-212-1675

    Pearland Academic Building, Room 150
    1200 Pearland Parkway, Pearland, Texas 77581

    Pearland Office Hours:
    Tuesday-Thursday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.