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Co-Curricular Student Learning Opportunities  

With UHCL's QEP, you have opportunities to interact with students from various ethnic backgrounds by participating in programs, activities, and experiences outside the classroom. This is referred to as co-curricular learning.


Students walking in hallway

League of the Rising Hawks and DSA Partnerships 

League of the Rising Hawks was established by the Division of Student Affairs as a co-curricular experience for student success, retention, and celebration. League of the Rising Hawks allows students to choose engaging educational programs and experiences to help students achieve their specific goals.  

The Division of Student Affairs and participating campus partners work collectively in adding experiential opportunities and programs that fall under one of the following distinctions that students can gain:   

  • Self–awareness and personal development. 
  • Leadership and professional development.
  • Civic and social responsibility. 
  • Learning and reasoning.  

For more information, visit the League of the Rising Hawks website.

Program Contact Information

Division of Student Affairs
Office of Student Involvement and Leadership
Phone: 281–283-2560