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QEP Faculty Fellow


To acknowledge the importance and representation of faculty in the QEP implementation; to provide service to the university. The QEP Faculty Fellow will assist with faculty development and implementation of the Quality Enhancement Plan to facilitate campus-wide dissemination and improvement in student learning success. The Faculty Fellow will work closely with the Executive Director of Assessment and Planning and the Director, QEP and Assessment.


Full-time faculty at the University of Houston-Clear Lake with experience in creating and implementing faculty development. Ability to write clear, concise reports using data from multiple sources in different data formats needed for the annual reports on the impact of QEP initiatives. Recruit faculty to participate in QEP workshops and to ensure rotation of participants annually in order to facilitate wide adoption of best practices for meaningful QEP impact. Exceptional organizational skills with the ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines. Excellent teamwork and interpersonal skills to engage campus stakeholders in the QEP implementation.


  • Faculty may apply for the QEP Faculty Fellow position if they are full-time faculty (tenured, tenure-track, and lecturers) who do not currently hold an administrative position (deans, associate deans, or department chairs).
  • Send applications to the Executive Director of Assessment and Planning at
  • The deadline for submission to the Senior Vice President and Provost is November 17, 2023. Application Format: Each application should include a current curriculum vitae, a one-page letter outlining the faculty member’s experience and interest, and a letter of support from the college dean.

Terms and Conditions

This QEP Faculty Fellowship will be awarded for a period of one calendar year as a twelve-month position.  A recipient of the fellowship will be awarded an overload for spring 2024, a course release for fall 2024, and a stipend equivalent for 2 months of summer salary. The fellowship is renewable depending on funding and performance.

General Responsibilities and Expectations:

Faculty Fellow is responsible for overseeing the classroom implementation with all cohorts. The Faculty Fellow will share the expectations for each Cohort before they commit to participation. The Faculty Fellow will assist the cohort faculty as they rework course(s) (rework can mean to tweak to include content that was shared during the cohort trainings).

Throughout all cohorts, the participants check-in with the Faculty Fellow at least once a month and may be every 2 weeks depending on the timing of the cohort’s need to introduce course content. There will also be check-ins with the facilitators with the focus being on cohort training and module modifications. The Faculty Fellow will review and maintain all items collected from the check-ins and submit the final documentation to the QEP office so the director can process payment for the participants and facilitators.

Expectations for the Faculty Fellow during and between the cohorts:

  • Maintain records of the cohort participant check-ins
  • Maintain and edit QEP module content for the next cohort
  • Ensure facilitator participation in modifications in the cohort content
  • Create course lists where changes are expected and facilitate the meeting or exceeding of the annual implementation count (12 or more courses a year) and maintain records of all courses that complete the checklist for the QEP seal
  • Take the lead in writing the annual report of the QEP
  • Participate in presentations and marketing of the QEP
  • Actively recruit cohort participation and ensure cohorts are approximately 12 faculty and representative of all colleges throughout the implementation
  • Participate in biweekly QEP Leadership meetings