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About the QEP

QEP Background and Mission 

The focus of the QEP was the result of a collaborative, inclusive process and iterative progression that included submissions from across the campus. It was chosen from a pool of over 20 ideas. Read the initial report submitted to SACSCOC in August 2022.

"Becoming Aware: Cultural Interactions at UHCL" strives to prepare students to thrive in an increasingly diverse global environment and have a lasting positive impact on the entire university community by: 

  1. Increasing the pervasiveness of intercultural knowledge and competency as a student learning outcome (SLO).  
  2. Strengthening the faculty implementation of the SLO in the curriculum.  
  3. Supporting the inclusion of the SLO in the League of the Rising Hawks.  

About the QEP Advisory Committee

QEP Initiatives to Reinforce the Student Learning Outcome (SLO)  

UHCL's holds a responsibility to ensure that students have the necessary marketable skills to be successful in an ever-changing world. This requires that students receive a holistic education that enables them to combine content knowledge with procedural knowledge resulting in transferable knowledge. That's why the QEP contains the following initiatives designed to mutually reinforce and support the student learning outcome: 

  • Co-curricular activities will supplement faculty classroom integration of cultural interactions.  
  • Class curricula and the League of the Rising Hawks (a Division of Student Affairs initiative) will incorporate intercultural knowledge and competency.

As a whole, the university will foster a campus environment that supports student learning from cultural interactions, and offer training for faculty and staff to learn how to support these efforts.