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Post Tenure Review


Under the existing University of Houston-Clear Lake (UHCL) Comprehensive Annual Faculty Review Policy (Section 5.1 of the UHCL Faculty Handbook), both tenured and untenured faculty are reviewed each year in the areas of teaching, research, service, and/or administration based upon the faculty member's job description and workload commitment. The Dean (or the Dean's designee) may choose to meet with a faculty member to review the faculty member's activities, as well as to provide the opportunity for the faculty member to discuss projected activities. This post-tenure performance review policy extends the existing policies by isolating and further defining those provisions specifically related to post-tenure performance review. The provisions of this policy are directed toward the professional development of the faculty member as indicated in Section 51.942 of the Texas Education Code.


Comprehensive post-tenure performance reviews will be conducted according to the performance standards established by each college. The post-tenure performance review must be conducted every six years by a post-tenure performance review committee. A faculty member may choose to undergo the post-tenure performance process earlier than every six years. All tenured faculty members will receive written notification by September 30 of the academic year preceding the post-tenure performance review. (Check with your dean's office regarding the timetable established for this process in your college.)

September 2 (or next business day)
The Office of the Provost sends a memo to each college dean requesting the names of faculty who will be notified that they will receive post-tenure review during the following academic year as well as the outcomes of faculty who received post-tenure review during the previous academic year.

September 30 (or next business day)
Faculty who are to receive post-tenure review for the following academic year are notified.


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