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Office of the President Staff

Berenice Webster

Webster Berenice DExecutive Associate to the President

Phone: 281-283-2004

Jacqueline Nixon

Nixon JacquelineExecutive Assistant

Phone: 281-283-2004

Juan Olguin

Olguin JuanDivision Business Administrator

Phone: 281-283-2004

Past Student Professionals

Marcelo Gallardo

Marcelo GallardoB.A. in Communications, with a Minor in Graphic Design

UHCL was always my first choice to complete my undergraduate degree. The small, community feel, the small classes that permit a closer interaction with faculty, and the gorgeous campus that is also home a variety of wildlife – all these factors played a large role in making my decision to attend UHCL. My goal is to finish what I began in 1995 at the Art Institute of Houston: Video Production. I plan to complete my degree in Communications, with a Minor in Graphic Design by the end of this academic year (2021-2022).

During my studies here at UHCL, I’ve worked in two different departments on campus to help pay for tuition, books, and supplies. After completing two internships, I was recommended to apply as a student worker for the Office of the President. After my first year working with the Office of the President, I can say is an honor I did not anticipate.

The most important lesson I’ve working at the Office of the President is the importance of giving my best, working with others, be open to new ideas, and giving back to the community. The colleagues I work with are extremely talented, and I continue to learn much from them while contributing ideas of my own. The Office of the President also permits me to contribute to the local community.

During my employment with the Office of the President, I hope to sharpen my knowledge and skills in my chosen field (Communications/ Digital Media) by collaborating in as many projects as possible. The experience will be invaluable upon completing my degree at UHCL (May 2022).

Upon graduating UHCL, I hope to find employment with, transnational organization that will permit me to travel and work abroad. There is also the opportunity to work independently in the field doing contract work. The possibilities are endless.

Arsiema Gherahtu

Arsiema GherathuB.A. in Graphic Design, with a Minor in Film  

As an international student, having a community that accepted and fully supported me was vital in picking a university since I was going to spend the next four years here. UHCL not only has a community both diverse and rich in culture but welcoming of any student from every walk of life. And of course, one cannot fail to mention the gorgeous campus. From the ever-green vegetation to the graceful deer. I knew the moment I came for a campus tour that this was the place for me.

 Long before I started looking for an internship, I knew it had to be a place that not only granted me the freedom to utilize my creativity, but also push me to greatness. And it is for this reason that I knew the office of the President was the place for me. Being able to work on different projects, interacting with people with more experience and wisdom to pass down has been an experience that I will forever be grateful for.

I have learned that we don’t stop learning till the day we die. Had I not taken this internship, I would have missed out on a handful of skills applicable to the graphic design field and life in general. As senior students, we are often too eager to join the work field with no clear sense of direction at times. However, working with a group of people who have been where you are currently has helped me take a step back and equip myself with skills that will help me directly in the future, both in the work field and real life.

After Graduation, I hope to go back to Uganda and help expand the graphic design and film industry. 

Mary John

Mary JohnM.S. Management Information Systems

UHCL has the best of all worlds, being in the clear lake area and 30 minutes from Greater Houston. UHCL campus is the ideal environment for student success because its location is conducive for learning, and there’s a ton of stuff to do for college students. 

Seeing the work done by the Office of the President team, I wanted to be in that same room to learn and develop personally and professionally. Also, the position offered an opportunity to work on several projects that would enable me to have more hands-on experience with web development, data analysis, and presentation.

Working at the Office of the President has helped me to become better at working with a team and communicating effectively. Amongst other projects, I had the opportunity to work with a team to decide and implement changes on the Office of the President’s website. During this project, I learned how to use a lot of new technologies. 

My goal after graduation is to join a good technology company where I can continue to grow professionally. I hope to give back to my community by mentoring kids looking to pursue the same path as I did. The skills I have acquired at the Office of the President, and throughout my educational career would help to achieve these goals.

Uthpala Nayak 

Uthpala NayakM.H.A. Healthcare Administration 

UHCL was my first choice of university because of its location in the center of Texas Medical Center and the Healthcare Administration pedagogy, which is an ideal mix for someone looking to establish a career in the healthcare field.

As I embarked in this journey of a foreign student traveling to follow my goal, I wondered what better location to gain a ‘HAWK' picture of not only my but the University's vision, which helps me match my interests and skillset to reach the milestones envisioned, than the Office of The President?

The first time that I walked into this office, coming to an unfamiliar place to pursue my career ambitions, and being greeted with enormous support and kindness beyond professionalism by the entire staff has left an impression on me, and I intend to return the favor to the community. Working here has provided me with not only the opportunity to learn new skillsets, but also a platform to collaborate with a diverse team.

I believe that by combining my years of experience in healthcare and marketing with the information and advanced skills I've gained along the way, I can contribute to the healthcare community's strength.

Taking advantage of the exposure provided by the Office of the President, my goal is to build a strong interpersonal and professional network. As the saying goes, "your network is your net worth." 

Kireeti Sheri

Kireeti SheriM.S. Computer Science

UHCL offers the best courses and is the best destination to do a master's because of its diversified culture, facilities, and research. The practical approach of the education system inclined me to study here.
After reviewing this position, I felt that it would be a great opportunity to learn by working at the Office of the President because of its unique collaborative environment, and how it benefits me personally and professionally.

Working in a team environment can foster more productivity while allowing everyone to focus on what they are good at, also creativity is one of the most in-demand leadership skills of today's generation, which I fostered by working at the Office of the President.
After completing my graduate degree, my goal is to work as a full-stack developer in the software industry.

 Sheikh Talha Hussain

Hussain Sheikh TalhaB.S. Mechanical Engineering

I have been deeply involved with UHCL far beyond the scope of my college years. I have lived in and around Clear Lake for most of my life, and anyone who lives or has lived in Clear Lake, can agree that the UHCL campus is quite hard to overlook. I have spent much of my adolescence here, whether it be competing in the annual STEM competition, studying in the library, or simply strolling the beautiful trails and grounds at UHCL. And thus, being immersed in the campus throughout my youth is a fact that I can undeniably appreciate. After I graduated high school, I had many colleges to pick and choose from, but I settled with UHCL due to my comfort with the campus being embedded within me.

After one semester at UHCL as a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate, I got the wonderful opportunity to join the Office of the President at UHCL as a student worker, and I leaped at it in hopes of expanding my horizons not just as a student and professional, but as a lifelong learner and dreamer. I have cherished my time here in the Office of the President precisely because it has taught me many things in how to move and operate in the professional world, how to avoid stagnation, how to build connections and work until the work is done.

Working in the Office of the President has been utterly enlightening and the feats I have been able to overcome have been incredible. After I have become a graduate of this office, eventually and of UHCL, I aspire to become an exceptional engineer and lead not just myself, but my colleagues, communities, and the world altogether to new heights as we progress into a future of learners and pioneers. 

Saba Haroon

Haroon Saba

B.A. Digital Media Studies 

I chose UHCL to pursue my graduate studies because not only does the university provide an awesome Digital Media Studies program with quality professors, but it is also very affordable, near home and provides a sense of closeness that is not easy to find at other universities.

I decided to work at the Office of the President because I wanted to gain the valuable experience of working on campus and further develop my art and production skills. As a Digital Media Studies major and working with the Office of the President, I have a great opportunity to strengthen communication and collaboration skills while also developing my personal portfolio - all at the same time. It's a win-win scenario for me!

I love working here because there is a culture of creative freedom. While there are branding guidelines we must follow, the Office of the President encourages us to explore and implement our own creative control on projects. Also, it's a good feeling to have your work be used to promote UHCL and campus related events.  

I have learned a lot in one semester! For example, project-based teamwork and leadership skills as well as time management have been the biggest learning experiences for me. 

After graduating from UHCL, I hope to continue using my skills and experiences and pursue a career as a graphic designer and/or producer. Attending UHCL and working with the Office of the President, I am ready to take on the challenges and opportunities that come my way in the future. 

 Initha Annamalai Sharavanan

Annamalai Sharavanan Initha

M.S. Management Information Systems








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