UHCL Response to the Santa Fe Tragedy

office of the president

May 18,2018

Dear faculty, staff and students:

I am deeply troubled about the tragedy that took place this morning at Santa Fe High School. I have spoken with the deans and other administrators and we share the terrible sorrow that is hard to express in words. Santa Fe High School is within our student region. Many of you have been impacted, either directly or indirectly, by this terrible occurrence.

I urge each of you to take care of yourself. Counselors in UHCL’s Counseling Services are available to help you manage any feelings you may be experiencing because of this incident. (Call ext. 2580 or visit Counseling Services in room 3103 of the Student Services and Classroom Building.) In addition, if you feel you need to leave, we urge you to do so to take care of yourself. Be sure to let your supervisor know.

It is unfortunate that these types of occurrences seem to be happening more frequently. I long for a time when this type of violence will stop.


Ira K. Blake, Ph.D.
UHCL President