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Communication Guidelines

Guidelines, standards and forms were developed to support consistent,  unified messaging and branding for the university. The information on this page lead to resources for anyone involved in publicizing or promoting the university and its programs.

Writing Style

Associated Press Stylebook and Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary are the reference guides used for media announcements, publications and other university communications targeted to public audiences.


academic degrees
When writing the full, formal name of the degree, capitalize the subject. Do not capitalize if not using formal name. (ex: Master of Arts in Literature but master's degree in literature)

Alfred R. Neumann Library
Neumann Library acceptable on second reference

Alumni degree  credentials (listing)
06 BS, '10 MS (ex: Jane Smith, '06 BS, '10 MS, was recently promoted to general manager at Chili's)

Alumni Plaza
Area located between the Bayou Building and Student Services and Classroom Building. Distinguished Alumni Wall is located in this area.

Arbor Building
Arbor Building houses painting, ceramics, weaving and photography studios, as well as educational centers and teaching methods labs. It includes two wings, which house additional art classroom facilities (Arbor North Building) and psychology and education facilities (Arbor South Building).

Atrium I and II in Bayou Building
Atrium I and II (roman numerals), floor levels in numeric. ex: Atrium II, Level 2

Bayou Building
Houses the majority of classrooms, administrative and faculty offices, the library, alumni relations, bookstore, cafeteria, computing services and laboratories, copy services, mail room, university police and the theater. The Bayou Building includes two atria (Atrium I and Atrium II), Bayou Theater and Patio Café. Use full name in all references.

Building numbers
Building name first, then room number/name (ex: Bayou Building, Garden Room)

Campus Recreation and Wellness
Use when referring to the administrative department. Use "Recreation and Wellness Center" when referring to the building facility. Use "Rec Center" on second reference, or as necessary for social media, etc.

Capt. Wendell M. Wilson Office of Military and Veteran Services
Use full name on first reference. Use "Office of Military and Veteran Services" or "the office" on second reference.

Central Services Building
Headquarters for building maintenance, grounds and custodial services, scheduling and space planning, vehicle maintenance and the animal care facility.

College of Science and Engineering
Previously School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Double previously School of Sciences and Technology

degree program or degree programs
Use "degree programs" instead of "majors"

Dean of Students Office
No apostrophe in "students" 

Delta Building
Houses student computer laboratories and computing faculty offices. Use full name in all references.

Em dash
Em dashes are preferred to signal an abrupt change; as one option to set off a series within a phrase; before attribution to an author or composer in some formats; after datelines; and to start lists. AP style calls for a space on both sides of a dash in all uses.

exclamation points
Use sparingly in call text for university promotion materials


Hawk Energy Bar 
Food/coffee spot in the Recreation and Wellness Building

Capitalize when referring to alumni or students of UHCL

Health Sciences and Classroom
Building Building at UHCL at Pearland that houses classrooms, student lounge areas, nursing simulation lab

Horsepen Bayou
Capitalize in all references

Hunter Residence Hall
UHCL's first on-campus residence hall. Do not use "dormitory" or "dorm" when referring to Hunter Residence Hall.

I Heart UHCL Day
Spirit event usually held in the fall. Use "I Heart UHCL Day" when referring to the day. "I Heart UHCL" when referring to the phrase or campaign. Hashtag, follow general AP Style. 


Liberty Park
Located to the north of the Student Services and Classroom Building and is defined by a tree- and bench-lined pond, white gazebo and flag poles. Use full name in all references.

lifetime membership  
For the UHCL Alumni Association, lifetime membership, lifetime member and lifetime membership card should be lowercase in text.

Master of Healthcare Administration/Master of Business Administration
First reference it should be all written out - Master of Healthcare Administration/Master of Business Administration. Second reference: MHA/MBA

Nature Trail       
Is located east of Bayou Drive across from Parking Lot C and includes two different trails: approximately 1/3 mile long and 1/2 mile long. Use full name in all references.

North Office Annex I and II   
Located at the far corner of Parking Lot D, and across Bayou Drive from the Central Services Building. Spell out on first reference. Abbreviate NOA on second reference. Use roman numerals in all references. NOA I and surrounding areas include a rainfall garden and house the Environmental Institute of Houston. NOA II houses travel, general accounting, procurement and payables, and finance.

Office of Admissions   
Not "Admission". Make sure "s" is included.

Office of Student Financial Aid
Not "Financial Aid Office" or "Office of Financial Aid" 

Office of Student Involvement and Leadership
The Student Life Office was rebranded as the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership in 2019. Use new name in all references.

online degrees   
When necessary to specify an online program in the formal name of a degree, place online at the end (Example: Anthropology B.S. online). Primarily relevant for web content.


Pat and Wendell Wilson Park
Located near the Horsepen Bayou bridge. Use full name on first reference. Use "Wilson Park" on second reference

Patio Cafe 
Dining area located in Bayou Building

Pearland Building
First building at UHCL at Pearland and primary administrative building

Potter Pond
Pat and Wendell Wilson Park includes a pond officially named Potter Pond to honor Pat Wilson. Use "Potter Pond" name in all references.

UHCL campus is located on a nature preserve, not "reserve"

Interim President Richard Walker
Use full term on first reference in print and online copy. Use "President Walker" on second references. 

Recreation and Wellness Center   
Use when referring to the building facility. Use "Rec Center" on second reference, or as necessary for social media, etc.

RN-to-BSN program
On all references. In text, include an explanation that the program is for registered nurses to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

lowercase spring, summer, fall and winter when referencing semester unless referring to Winter Olympics, etc.

STEM and Classroom Building
houses labs for chemistry, mechanical engineering, large lecture hall, faculty offices. Use STEM Building on second reference

Lot D
Parking area for students in Lot D, usually the lot where free parking is available during events, if free parking is available.

Student Services and Classroom Building
Use full name on first reference. Use SSCB on second reference

When referring to a specialization within a degree or degree program.

When referring to something that will take place through out the UH System.

time spans
9-10 a.m., 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Do not use zeros or "o'clock". Note the extra spacing when the times switch between a.m. and p.m. 

When possible, place title in front of name (i.e. Dean of Students David Rachita). When listed in front of the name, capitalize all portions of the title. When many people are listed with titles, use commas to set off titles and lower case (i.e. David Rachita, dean of students.)

United States
Use full name in first reference, and the abbreviated U.S. in second or third references. Always use periods in the abbreviation.

This is one word.

University Drive
One of the two primary university roads from Bay Area Blvd. leading students to UHCL.

University of Houston-Clear Lake 
Use full name on first reference, UH-Clear Lake on second reference (in news stories and some other documents), and UHCL on third reference.

University of Houston-Clear Lake at Pearland 
On first reference, it should say University of Houston-Clear Lake at Pearland; on second reference UH-Clear Lake at Pearland; and on third reference, it should be listed as UHCL at Pearland.

University of Houston System 
Use on first reference, UH System on second reference and UHS on third reference. 

University of Houston System Chancellor
Use full title in blogs/releases (ex. University of Houston System Chancellor Renu Khator); on second reference on UH System Chancellor and on third reference, UHS Chancellor.

Vice President
Capitalize as part of formal title in front of name. Do not hyphenate (vice-president).

This is one word.

Short for World Wide Web, the “w” is lower-case.

Other combined forms, include webpage, webcast, webmaster, webfeed and webcam. However, web browser is two words. 

Brand Guide

UHCL Brand Guide assists university departments in presenting a strong, focused brand identity through graphics, tone and message when communicating about UHCL. Information covered in the UHCL Brand Guide includes:

  • Fonts and Colors 
  • Logo Usage
  • University and University System Names Listings
  • Photo/Art Authorization Forms 
  • Brand and Publication Review Process
  • Publicity Request Process
  • Web Style Guide


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