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Effective recruitment and hiring practices help UHCL to obtain top talent and helps to ensure the University is staffed with productive employees.  The following resources are designed and provided to assist hiring departments and managers with running effective searches.   

  Search Committee Resources

Search committees play a vital role in recruiting, evaluating, and recommending the most qualified candidates for employment by the University. Search committee members are often the first University employees that a candidate will meet. Each member has an opportunity to represent the University as a diverse and welcoming community while carrying out the search in accordance with University policies and procedures.e 

Establishing the Search Committee

All professional staff and faculty searches must be directed by a search committee. Establishing a strong and credible search committee is essential for a successful search process. The Chair will be designated by the Supervisor, Hiring Manager, Department head or Dean for faculty positions.

  • The search committee should consist of a minimum of five members, unless a written exception is granted by the Supervisor and Human Resources or the Dean for faculty positions.
  • Committee members should include members that are knowledgeable of the position duties and responsibilities, can represent the department’s stake in the process or have affiliation with the position.
  • Staff searches: Full-time, part-time, professional, and, support staff members are eligible for membership on thesearch committee. When appropriate, the supervisor may name one or two committee members from outside the department, individuals in the professional communities, as well as consider students for the committee
  • Faculty searches: Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors of the school are eligible for membership on the search committee. When appropriate, the Dean may name one or two committee members from outside the school, and individuals in the professional communities.
  • Minorities and women should be part of the search committee membership, unless no minorities or women are available in the academic area of the search or a related area to the search. 
Search Committee Responsibilities

Effective search committee members are well-connected, available to participate fully and consistently, and comfortable engaging in rigorous debate to ensure the best outcome. The search committee is responsible for conducting the initial search, screening of applicants and presenting recommended candidates for further consideration. All search members should by fully prepared to:

  • Attend all scheduled search meetings.
  • Support recruitment efforts.
  • Review all submitted application materials as required.
  • Compare and rank applicants with regard to the stated position requirements.
  • Set aside biases to fully consider all who may be qualified to assume University roles.
  • Keep all interview notes and screening information to submit to HR.
  • Participate in/assist with the interviewing process.
  • Make appropriate applicant recommendations.
  • Follow any designated deadlines/timeframes to complete task.
  • Maintain confidentiality with regard to search process.

Confidentiality is the foundation of a credible search committee and trustworthy search process. Searches and search committee meetings are confidential. If any inquiries are received, in-person or by email, regarding the position, the status of an application, the status of the search, or who is on the search committee, please forward them to the Employment Coordinator. Applicants should not be aware of who is on the search committee and should not be contacting any search committee members directly. The goal is to maintain confidentiality of who is on the search committee for as long as possible.

Internal Candidates: Searches with internal candidates can be difficult for all of those involved, and can result in feelings of resentment among colleagues or applicants. Some of this is inevitable, and the situation will be awkward. It is important to follow search procedures in an attempt to conduct a fair search. Internal candidates should undergo the same procedures as external candidates. We understand internal candidates are different but the principle of equal treatment should always be followed.

Minority Recruitment 

In keeping with UHCL’s commitment to diversity, it is important a search committee focus on a recruiting plan to increase the pool of underrepresented individuals. With that in mind, the importance lies in what is the current make-up of existing employees, how there can be more focus with regard to underrepresented groups, and how past search activities can be changed/broadened. Previous efforts may not have resulted in a “diverse pool” of candidates, or not enough effort was made in recruitment activities. The Minority Recruitment list has been provided.

Minority Recruitment Resources

For complete procedures please review the search guides provided.

Staff Search Guide
Faculty Search Guide 

Taleo Resources

Document - Quick Reference  Description
Login to Taleo Instructions on how to access and login to Taleo.
Requisition Approval: Senior Business Coordinator Instructions on how to approve a new Requistion.
Requisition Approval: Hiring Manager

Instructions on how to approve a new requisition.

Candidate file guide: Department Contact Instructions on how to navigate to move candidates through the CSW, change Steps/Status and perform disposition for multiple candidates.
Printing:Department Contact Instructions on how to print a candidate files.
Printing: Collaborator Instructions on how to print a candidate files.
Reviewing applications: Collaborator Instructions on how to access and review candidate files.
Candidate Excel List Instructions on how to download candidates into an excel spreadsheet.
Offer Approval: Senior Business Coordinator Instructions on how to approve an offer.
Offer Approval: Hiring Manager Instructions on how to approve an offer. 
Department Contact Detailed step-by-step guide for Department Contact users.
Senior Business Coordinator Detailed step-by-step guide for Senior Business Coordinator users.
Hiring Manager Detailed step-by-step guide for Hiring Manager users.

Additional Resources

Topic Description
FAQ's:Department Level Provides answers about the system during the search process.
Roles and Associated Permissions Provides definitions about the roles and permissions.
Icon Legend Provides definitions for the tools and icons in the system.
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