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Kylie Perkins

Kylie is smiling at the camera against an ocean backdrop, with jetties extending into the water

Kylie Perkins is a graduate research assistant at EIH while pursuing a master's degree in biology with an ecology/microbiology/aquatic/marine specialization at University of Houston-Clear Lake. Her thesis is focused on the use of eDNA metabarcoding to characterize fish assemblages in the rivers and streams throughout Texas, while also participating as a Crew Lead on the National Rivers and Streams Assessment for 2023–2024.

Kylie graduated from Brigham Young University in 2018 with a BS in biology. While at BYU, Kylie participated in numerous research projects, including modeling the optimal life strategy of the northern elephant seal, competition in the rocky intertidal zone, using otoliths to look at fish growth, and taking care of daphnia to study evolution in a population. Kylie also participated in an internship in South Africa with Oceans Research studying white shark behavior, and human influence on endemic catshark species. Since then, Kylie has worked in a variety of fields including a medical lab, as an aquatic invasive species technician, and, since moving to Houston a few years ago, an educator at Space Center Houston.

Kylie is excited to be doing what she loves and is excited to progress as a biologist. Her plan is to stay in academia and continue on with research through a PhD to eventually become a professor or research biologist. When not working, Kylie enjoys baking bread, reading, spending time outdoors enjoying Houston's wildlife, and taking her husband to the beach as often as possible.