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Pierce Kean

Pierce is smiling at the camera.

Pierce Kean is a graduate research assistant at EIH while pursuing a Master of Science in environmental science with a concentration in biology at University of Houston-Clear Lake. His thesis work will focus on examining the presence of American eels via environmental DNA. In addition, Kean will be working on EIH's upcoming projects.
Kean graduated in spring 2019 with a B.S. in marine biology from University of South Florida. He participated in the Honors College where he wrote a capstone paper on saltwater intrusion utilizing data gathered along the Hillsborough River in order to determine if sea level rise was having a noticeable impact on the salinity regime of the waterbody. He has previously worked for Utah Department of Natural Resources as an aquatic invasive species inspector in 2019 and for Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife as an aquatic nuisance species ranger in 2020.
In his free time, Pierce enjoys reading fiction, playing the occasional video game, and other such things.