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Differentiated Instruction Resources

Strategies, Lessons and Activities or Strategies and Lessons

To better understand differentiated instruction and how to implement, the following IRIS module is a great resource. 

ASCD published a resource that includes practical suggestions for differentiating.

The following resource distinguishes Differentiation from individualized and personalized learning.

Recommended Websites (Blogs, and/or Twitter suggestions)

The Resilient Educator has a page full of practical ideas and fantastic resources associated with differentiating instruction.

*There is a lot of information available about differentiation on the internet, be mindful to always look for sources that cite Tomlinson as all work in this area stems from her conceptualized and subsequent guidance. 

There are not specific Professional organizations related to the topic, rather you will find information about differentiated instruction across most education-based organizations


Education Week published an article that provides an overview of the basics of DI.

Related, Education Week also created a video which presents facts and strategies associated with differentiating.

The following resource is an annotated bibliography of research related to DI.


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