Current Events

International Robotics Symposium Sept. 19-21

The International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO) Technical Committee 17 will bring the International Symposium on Measurement and Control in Robotics to University of Houston-Clear Lake on Sept. 19-21.

The symposium will focus on research, applications, trends and innovations in the fields of robotics, telerobotics, simulator platforms and mobile work machines, as well as virtual reality/augmented reality and 3-D modeling and simulation.

Program Schedule
  Thursday, Sept. 19, STEM and Classroom Building
  • 16:00 - 17:30: Registration.
  • 17:30 - 18:30: Reception: light refreshments, drinks and cash bar.
  • 18:30 - 20:00: STEM 1203 (conference room)
      • Welcome by General Chair ISMCR 2019 Dr. Zafar Taqvi.
      • Welcome by Conference Host President Ira. K. Blake, Ph.D.
      • Presentation: "Global Space Exploration: Our Adventure into the Unknown," by Dr. Kam Lulla, director University Research and Partnership Office, NASA Johnson Space Center.
  Friday, Sept. 20, Bayou Building
  • 07:00 - 08:00: Continental breakfast (Forest Room).
  • 08:00 - 08:30: Registration (Outside Forest Room).
  • 08:30 - 09:30: Keynote 1: "Telexistence: Virtual Human Teleportation and Empowered Existence," by Professor Emeritus Susumu Tachi, University of Tokyo (Forest Room).
  • 10:00 - 12:30: Session A1: "Robotics for Human Performance and Rehabilitation and Medical Applications I" (Room 1435)
      • Paper A1-1: "Master-Slave Robot Hand Control Method based on Congruence of Vectors for Telexistence Hand Manipulation," by Yasuyuki Inoue, Fumihiro Kato and Susumu Tachi.
      • Paper A1-2: "Gait Assistance Robotics Control Through High Level Parametric Modeling of Physiological Measurements," by Rodrigo Ramon and Ou Bai.
      • Paper A1-3: "Hotcell Worker Assistive Robotic Exoskeleton Design and Control," by Rodrigo Ramon, Chris Nataros, Tong Yi, Leonel Lagos, Aparna Aravelli and Ou Bai.
      • Paper A1-4: "Deep Learning Approach to Control of Prosthetic Hands with Electromyography Signal," by Mohsen Jafarzadeh, Daniel Curtiss Hussey and Yonas Tadesse.
      • Paper A1-5: "A Robotic Laparoscope Holder Operated by Jaw Movements and Triaxial Head Rotations," by Masato Arai, Takato Ohmori, Shunji Moromugi, Tomohiko Adachi, Taiichiro Kosaka, Shinichiro Ono and Susumu Eguchi.
  • 10:00 -  12:30: Session A2: "Methods of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Intelligence and VR in Robotics" (Room 1437)
      • Paper A2-1: "Applications of Deep Learning to Road Sign Detection in DVR Images," by Yong-Lin Kuo and Shih-Hsun Lin.
      • Paper A2-2: "Autonomous Navigation via a Q Network with One Hot Image Encoding," by Will Anderson, Kevin Carey, Eric Sturzinger and Christopher Lowrance.
      • Paper A2-3: "Low Cost Autonomous Amphibious Bird Chasing Robot," by Hoo Kim, Emily McCloy, Garrett Williamson and Tommy Vandermolen.
      • Paper A2-4: "Innovative Applications of VR: Flash-Flood Control and Monitoring," by Victor Luis Padilha, Francisco Henrique De Oliveira, David Proverbs and Simone Keller Fuchter.
      • Paper A2-5: "Pain Mitigation Through Virtual Reality Applications," by Miles Mcfarland and Nathan Zelaya.
  • 10:30 - 12:30: Session A3: "Mobile Robots and Applications I" (Room 1439)
      • Paper A3-1: "Structure of Wall Climbing Robot Control System," by Valery Gradetsky, Maxim Knyazkov, Evgeniy Semenov and Artem Sukhanov.
      • Paper A3-2: "Optimized Distributed Scheduling for a Fleet of Heterogeneous Unmanned Maritime Systems," by Geert De Cubber and Rob Haelterman.
      • Paper A3-3: "Cellular Automata based Decentralized Cooperative Collision Avoidance Control for Multiple Mobile Robots," by Erick Rodriguez-Seda and Catalina Rico.
      • Paper A3-4: "Path Following of Autonomous Mobile Robot with Distance Measurement using RFID Tags," by Suvankar Barai.
      • Paper A3-5: "Vehicle-Terrain Parameter Estimation for Small-Scale Unmanned Tracked Vehicles," by Albert Espinoza, Jorge Torres-Filomeno, Karla Montañez-Sanchez and Angel Ortiz-Andujar.
  • 12:30 - 1:30: Lunch: Speaker to be announced (Forest Room)
  • 1:30 - 3:30: Session B1: "Flying and Swarm Robots" (Room 1435)
      • Paper B1-1: "On the Development of Integrated Swarm Command and Control Systems," by Karl Van Orden, Jeff Waters and Rebecca Iden.
      • Paper B1-2: "Collaborative UAV Surveillance," by Winston Smith and Henry Hexmoor.
      • Paper B1-3: "Swarmathon: A Swarm Robotics Experiment For Future Space Exploration," by Luong Nguyen, Thomas Harman and Carol Fairchild.
  • 1:30 - 3:30: Session B2: "Mobile Robots and Applications II" (Room 1437)
      • Paper B2-1: "Super Twisting Sliding Mode Control of Spherical Robot," by Sansar Bastola.
      • Paper B2-2: "Rescue Boat Path Planning in Flooded Urban Environments," by Mehmet Ozkan, Luis Rodolfo Garcia Carrillo and Scott A. King.
      • Paper B2-3: "Tracking of Targets in Mobile Robots Based on Camshift Algorithm," by Xin Zhang, Jiang Lu, Xingang Fu, Xiaokun Yang, Ishaq Unwala and Ting Zhang.
  • 1:30 - 3:30: Session B3: "Control and Sensors for Robots" (Room 1439)
      • Paper B3-1: "Development Considerations for Implementing a Voice-Controlled Spacecraft System." by George Salazar.
      • Paper B3-2: "Introducing Bobble-Bot: An Educational Platform for Real-Time Control in ROS and ROS2," by Mike Moore, James Holley and Josh Sooknanan.
      • Paper B3-3: "Sensor Fusion Localization Algorithms Evaluation for a Simulated Robot Covering Large Areas," by Lucas Marins Batista, Valéria Loureiro da Silva, Mateus Amarante Araújo and Rafael Barreto Lopes.
  • 3:00 - 3:30: Break
  • 3:30 - 5: 00: Session C1: "Inspection and Industrial Applications" (R00m 1435)
      • Paper C1-1: "Eliminating Residual Sway of Crane Loads Based on Laser Slot Sensor Information," by Bálint Kiss and Gábor Vámos.
      • Paper C1-2: "Fault Detection and Harmonics Mitigation in Diesel Electric Ships Using IIOT Edge Devices," by Kotesh Rao, Irfan Khan and Vidyasagar Asalapuram.
      • Paper C1-3: "A Novel Architecture for Condition Based Machinery Health Monitoring on Marine Vessels Using Deep Learning and Edge Computing," by Vidyasagar Asalapuram, Irfan Khan and Kotesh Rao.
  • 3:30 - 5: 00: Session C2: "Navigation, Path Lpanning and Communication for Robots" (Room 1437)
      • Paper C2-1: "Finger Motion Measurement System for Telexistence Hand Manipulation," by Yasuyuki Inoue, Fumihiro Kato and Susumu Tachi.
      • Paper C2-2: "In-Tank Sensor Error Prediction and Modeling," by James Dabney and Fathi Ghorbel.
      • Paper C2-3: "Tool Path Generator for Artistic Drawing with Industrial Robot," by Michal Adamík, Andrej Babinec and Ľuboš Chovanec.
  • 3:30 - 5: 00: Session C3: "Advances in Human-Robot Collaboration" (Room 1439)
      • Paper C3-1: "Design of Low-Cost Human-Machine Collaboration Robot," by Jose Gonzalez and Weining Feng.
      • Paper C3-2: "Progress in Human-Robot Collaboration for Object Handover," by Daniel Leal and Yimesker Yihun.
      • Paper C3-3: "Identifying Variables that Improve Communication with Bots," by Schenita Floyd.
  • 6:30 - 9:00: Dinner
  Saturday, Sept. 21 Bayou Building
  • 07:00 - 8:30: Continental breakfast (Forest Room)
  • 8:30 - 9:30: Keynote 2: "Robotic Assistance to Prevent, Detect, Measure, Protect and Manage CBRNE Risks," by Prof. Yvan Baudoin, EM Royal Military Academy, Belgium (Forest Room).
  • 9:30 - 12:00: Session D1: "Training and Education Applied to Robotics" (Room 1435)
      • Paper D1-1: "Free Response Evaluation via Neural Network for an IMathAS System," by Nathanial Wiggins and Milton Smith.
      • Paper D1-2: "An Open Real-Time Audio Processing Platform on Zync FPGA," by Kevin Vaca, Mitchell Jefferies and Xiaokun Yang.
      • Paper D1-3: "Contribution to E-Training for Unmanned Robotic Systems," by Andrzej Maslowski.
      • Paper D1-4: "EDF Scheduling of Industrial Robotic Manufacturing Tasks." by Pallovi Romero.
      • Paper D1-5: "Interactive Screen for Educational Purposes In Robotics," by Michal Tölgyessy, Martin Dekan and Peter Hubinsky.
  • 9:30 - 12:00: Session D2: "Robotics for Human Performance and Rehabilitation and Medical Applications II" (Room 1437)
      • Paper D2-1: "Magneto-Electric Nano-Robots for Biological Cell Poration," by Shadeeb Hossain, Brandon Young, Amar Bhalla and Ruyan Guo.
      • Paper D2-2: "Haptic Display Glove Capable of Force/Vibration/Temperature," by Fumihiro Kato, Yasuyuki Inoue and Susumu Tachi.
      • Paper D2-3: "An Affordable Hybrid Trans-Humeral Prosthesis with Electromyography and Active Vision System," by Duy Nguyen Phuong and Thanh Pham Chi.
      • Paper D2-4: "Human-Centered Deep Learning Neural Network Trained Myoelectric Controller for a Powered Wheelchair," by Ashley Stroh and Jaydip Desai.
      • Paper D2-5 : "Force Myography Controlled Intelligent Assistive Wheelchair-Mounted Robotic Exoskeleton for Arm Movements," by Jaydip Desai, Bridget Schabron and Yimesker Yihun.
  • 9:30 - 12:00: Session D2: "Robots and Various Topics" (Room 1439)
      • Paper D3-1: "Circadian Rhythm Light Watch," by Richard Castaneda.
      • Paper D3-2: "Lessons Learned from the Development of an Affordable Open-Source Based Humanoid Socially Assistive Robot," by Pablo Rangel, Kimberly Brotherton, Erika Anderson, Adam Hennad, Aaron Vera and Matthew Plotkin.
      • Paper D3-3: "Robotics and Deep Learning Framework for Structural Health Monitoring of Utility Pipes," by Muhammad Khan, Nansong Wu, Kaimen Zeng and Ishaq Unwala.
      • Paper D3-4: "MFCC-based Houston Toad call Detection using RNN and CNN," by Abdullah Al Bashit and Damian Valles.
      • Paper D3-5: "Protection of Space Exploration Structures Using an Acoustic Flame Suppression System," by Osvaldo Salinas, Joshua Rodriguez, Juan Giraldo, Justin Tarwater, Riki Barron and Nathanial Wiggins.
      • Paper D3-6 : "Autonomous Color Based Object Tracking of a Hexapod with Efficient Intuitive Characteristics," by Shahriar Ahmad, Saeed Moazami and Hassan Zargarzadeh.
  • 12:00 - 13:30: ISMCR Concluding Remarks (Forest Room)
      • Boxed Lunch
  • 13:30 - 14:30: UHCL Robotics Lab Visit (Delta Building)

 IMEKO TC 17 is comprised of members of the 17-nation confederation, which is calling out to engineers and researchers worldwide to contribute to the symposium's workshops and panels. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is sponsoring the event. All papers are peer reviewed and will be published with IMEKO and IEEE guidelines. 

For more information and registration, visit the symposium website at

Past Events 

Robotics Day
Houston Robotics & AI Day 2018
Aug. 3, 2018

The third annual Houston Robotics & AI Day took place on Friday, August 3 in the UHCL Bayou building with over 50 people in attendance. Dr. Reg Berka of Houston Mechatronics kicked off the event with a keynote speech highlighting the breakthrough technology currently in development for Aquanaut, the underwater autonomous transforming robot. The morning continued with presentations from Houston-area robotics and AI students and faculty.  A poster session followed with additional students highlighting and discussing the work in which they are currently involved. 

This annual event provides a showcase of the current projects and research being done at Houston-area academic institutions including UHCL, the main and downtown campuses of the University of Houston, San Jacinto College, and Rice University.  Anyone interested in robotics and AI is encouraged to attend.

NASA Swarmathon Competition
April 17, 18, 19, 2018

A combined team from UHCL and San Jacinto College returned from the NASA Swarmathon competition at Kennedy Space Center with the second place award for the Mission to Mars competition.  The NASA Swarmathon is a multi-year competition with the challenge to develop cooperative robots for Mars exploration and resource gathering.  For the physical robot competition, the UHCL-SJC team competed with 23 other Minority Serving Universities and Community Colleges to determine the optimum search algorithms for these robotic swarms.  Pictured are the students and faculty from both schools as they receive the award from the NASA/University of New Mexico staff at the competition at KSC.

For more information on this competition and to see the final results, check out

CRS ROS Seminar

Center for Robotics Software Robot Operating System
January – February 2018

The Center for Robotics Software hosted a 3-day seminar for engineers and programmers from the local company METECS.  The seminar taught the fundamentals of the Robot Operating System (ROS).  Instructors, Dr. Thomas Harman, Dr. Luong Nguyen and Carol Fairchild provided lectures, hands-on simulation exercises and robot demonstrations to the group.  The METECS employees were very interested and engaged.  All felt that the ROS workshop was successful and additional seminars are anticipated.


Houston Robotics and AI Day showcases area research, technology

Houston Robotics and AI Day showcases area research, technology

July 21, 2017
Area educators, engineers and students gathered at University of Houston-Clear Lake for the Houston Robotics and AI Day on Friday, July 21 for presentations and demonstrations of the latest research and applications of robotics and artificial-intelligence technology. Read More

Robotics and AI Day provides a showcase of what is, what can be

August 14, 2017
Three wide-eyed middle-school students stood over Turtlebot 3 “Burger,” one of the latest robots procured by University of Houston-Clear Lake’s Center for Robotics Software. Under eight inches tall, it doesn’t look much like a robot. It doesn’t look anything at all like a turtle, let alone a hamburger. Learn More

Robotics and AI Day provides a showcase of what is, what can be

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    Delta Building 101
    2700 Bay Area Blvd, Box 41
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