Receiving Dock

Mail and Receiving Services

Notifications for packages are being sent by email to the addressee on the package unless departments designate an alternative staff member.

Please note that it can take up to 48 hours to process packages. You may receive an automated email from the shipper (Amazon, FedEx ...) that your package was delivered, however, it may not have been unpacked or received/processed by UHCL staff yet. Making sure the purchaser's name is on the order when placing the order helps to ensure a smoother, quicker delivery.

To arrange curbside pick up in the receiving dock area at the Bayou Building or delivery to department offices of mail and packages, contact, 281-283-2205 or 281-283-2237.  

Printing and Copy Services

Email or call 281-283-2220 for your printing and promotional needs.

For university and health alert updates related to Coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit the UHCL Health Alert webpage.

Receiving Dock personnel are responsible for the receipt, general inspection, and identification of all incoming shipments. Receiving is also responsible for promptly notifying all interested parties of the receipt and condition of incoming shipments by delivering the merchandise to requesting departments and providing a receiving report or electronic signature. To aid the Receiving Department, be sure the purchase request has the building and room number of where the merchandise should be delivered.  If there is more than one delivery location, be sure to type on your purchase request, the building and room number of where you want each item to be delivered.

Receiving Procedures

The receiving procedure consists of unloading and checking the shipment; unpacking and inspecting the material, if the package is received with a visual PO Number on the outside of the package, a Receiving Report will then be generated for the purchase requestor's signature upon delivery. However, if the package is received with only a requestor’s name or department name, the package is then delivered to the department or individual requiring an electronic signature, unopened.  If the item(s) received by the requestor or requesting department via electronic signature, should require a Receiving Report, the Requestor or Requesting Department should inform the Receiving Department immediately to generate a Receiving Report via e-mail at to request a Receiving Report be prepared for signature and notify the Receiving Department if the Receiving Report is complete or partial. Before the department signs a Receiving Report, the merchandise should be checked to verify the items being delivered are the items that were ordered by the department. Once the receiving report is signed by the department, Accounts Payable has the authority to pay the invoice and if there is a problem with the order this needs to be reported before the invoice is paid.

If an item is picked up from the vendor, is for an advertisement, or for a repair or service that does not go through the Receiving Dock, contact Procurement via e-mail at They will prepare a Receiving Report and send three copies of this report to the department.  The department keeps one copy for their records and sends the other two back to Procurement, UHCL Box 137.

Vendors send invoices to Accounts Payable.  After an item is received, a Receiving Report is generated.  Payment is not made until the items on the receiving report and the invoice match exactly.  If you receive an invoice from a vendor and a purchase order was issued, do not file the invoice.  Forward the invoice to Accounts Payable.

Delivery by Receiving Department

Overnight Mail (FEDERAL EXPRESS, UPS, Long Star, DHL)

Delivered within one hour of receipt

Purchase Orders

Delivered within two (2) days of receipt of merchandise (please notify the Dock of any rush deliveries and include on the Purchase Request as well)

Items Addressed Directly to Personnel (Not on Purchase Order)

Example: Complimentary copies of books sent to faculty are delivered in up to 2 working days. FedEx, UPS, next day or 2nd day.

An attempt to deliver orders to the requesting office will be made within the above timeframe. If the Receiving personnel are not able to deliver because there is no one in the office, or the person who has authority to sign the Receiving Report is unavailable, a second delivery attempt will be made the following day.

The Receiving Department cannot store merchandise if the requesting department is not ready to have the items delivered. Before you order anything make sure that you can accept delivery of the items when they arrive. This is especially true for furniture items. The Receiving Dock does not have the space to store merchandise.

Furniture should be ordered assembled unless the requesting department is willing to do the assembly. No department at the University will do the assembly for you.

Items for personal use should not be delivered to the university for temporary or student workers.  The receiving personnel are unable to locate these employees and have to send the orders back to the delivering company.

Return of Merchandise

The Receiving Dock will return any excess, damaged or incorrect items ordered on a purchase order and acquire replacement goods.  All returns must be in the original box. A Package Return to Sender will be documented electronically and signed for by the Outgoing Carrier.  Call the Receiving Dock if you receive the wrong item.  Do not call the vendor to arrange an exchange.   Accounts Payable will not pay the invoice when it arrives unless it is identical to the original purchase order, or to a corrected purchase order.

If you discover a problem with materials you have received on a purchase order:

  1. Call Receiving at 281-283-2211, 2205 or 2206 within 24 hours of delivery.  Explain your problem to them and they will generate a Package Return to Sender.  Receiving will pick up the item within one working day, unless you stipulate otherwise.
  2. If you requested an item in error, you may have to pay restocking charges and return freight charges.  The dock can check this for you.   These charges will be paid from the cost center on the original purchase order.
  3. Receiving personnel cannot return personal items.
  4. Returns must be made before the invoice is paid by Accounts Payable. If Accounts Payable has a returned merchandise form on file, they will not pay the invoice please contact Receiving as soon as you find a problem with your order.


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