Types of Aid

Financial Aid at UHCL

You have options when it comes to applying and receiving financial aid at University of Houston-Clear Lake. Understanding exactly what the different types of aid are will help you diversify how, when and why you apply for the aid you need to pay for your education.

With all of them, you will need to fill out your FAFSA to begin the application process so you can secure the funds you need to attend UHCL.

Understanding Your Financial Aid Options

There are four basic types of financial aid. Some come with no strings attached, while others require that you repay them at some point in the future. With some, you need to meet a predetermined set of qualifications, but with others, you have to prove that you need the financial assistance.

Scholarships – Merit-based aid you don’t have to repay that typically comes from a foundation, non-profit, corporation or similar organization.

Grants – Need-based aid you don’t have to repay that typically comes from the federal government.

Loans – Aid you will need to repay that can come from the federal government as well as a bank or other lending institution.

Work Study – Opportunities to work for pay on the UHCL campus.


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