Work Plan Options

For U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents

Students with F-1 visa status, contact the International Student Advisors in the Office of Admissions to comply with F-1 regulations for work plan options.

All work option plans for U.S. citizens and permanent residents allow for work in Fall, Spring or Summer. Co-op is not available to students who have met course requirements to graduate.

Parallel Plan

The Parallel Plan is 16 - 31 hours of work per week and taking classes as follows:

In Fall and Spring, students take courses in addition to Co-op. (9-12 credit hours for undergraduate students and 6-9 credit hours for graduate students).
In Summer, Co-op participants may work 3-6 additional credit hours.

Alternate Plan

The Alternate Plan is 32 - 40 hours of work per week alternating with a semester of no work

Students can alternate full-time work semesters with full-time class semesters. During the work term, you may take six hours of class credit in addition to the Co-op course credit. When not working in a Co-op job, a full class load is expected.

Full-time Plan

The Full-time Plan is 32 - 40 hours of work per week continuously for two or more semesters.

Students must take 6 additional credit hours per semester for each semester in Co-op, except during the graduating and Summer semester.


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