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Friday Morning Continuing Education

UHCL Friday Morning CE presentation

Everyone is welcome to explore unique and engaging topics with us each week. Join us for Friday Morning CE presentations and expand your horizons in subjects ranging from disaster readiness to poetry to space exploration. 

Explore the Current Schedule and Register

Registration is open to anyone who wishes to participate. Residency, age, academic history, and student status do not apply. We also welcome those from out-of-town that are interested in joining us while visiting the area.


What Participants Are Saying

"Wonderful! I look forward to the upcoming offerings of a diverse curriculum. There's enrichment value for each person."

"FMCE is a great way to learn a lot of new things! Once the class is over, you come out with a fresh mind and new perspective on different topics. Definitely recommend!"

"I was not only enrolled in the program [as a student]; I was also a presenter. This worked well, and I urge others to do the same if they have experience and stories to tell in a particular subject. I hope to continue to play both roles."

"This was an excellent lecture by an experienced faculty member. Well done!"

"Love the CE program and feel that is of tremendous value to the community."

"These classes open our minds to things we never thought about before or expanded our knowledge and interest." 

"Wonderful program to grow your horizons!"

"I really enjoyed all the programs! It was very interesting and I learned something different!"

"Love this opportunity to learn about varied subjects and mix with a variety of people. Thank you for offering them!"