Graduate Services

Plan of Study

We understand that graduate students often face lengthy writing assignments, which require planning, research and writing throughout the course of a semester. Thus, we offer plans of study where you may:

  • Look ahead to plan an entire semester's writing;
  • Set up recurring appointments on a weeklyor biweekly basis with the same tutor for consistent progress;
  • Request 90-minute appointments.

Setting up a plan of study allows you to work with the same consultant throughout a project.

Graduate Writing Bootcamp

At the end of each semester, up to twelve qualified graduate students spend a week in the Writing Center working intensively on portions of their thesis or dissertation.

After an initial session on common pitfalls, tips, and tricks for approaching long graduate writing projects, we spend time setting goals and planning out the writing process.  Then, students launch into the main purpose: writing.

Each day, at least four hours of uninterrupted writing time is scheduled. Coffee, quiet, opportunities to meet with writing consultants and research librarians, and free lunch are provided. In the afternoon, members of the UHCL support community  give presentations on research, organization, self-care, and more.

If you've begun your thesis or dissertation, the Bootcamp can help you plan in detail how to incorporate and complete large portions of your writing.  You'll become a member of a writing community, to whom you may turn to for some affective support. Details about the next Graduate Writing Bootcamp are posted when they are available.

Links for graduate students:

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