Consultants and Specialties

Our consultants work with clients of any discipline, and at any stage of the writing process. 

You can request a particular consultant when making an appointment. The specialties and bios of our consultants are listed below:

  • Writing Consultants
  • Austin


    Austin graduated cum laude from UHCL with a Bachelor’s degree in literature. He is now a graduate student here at UHCL pursuing his Master’s degree in Literature. In his free time, Austin enjoys going to the movies, reading comic books, and writing. He also has a half lab/half poodle dog named Ava. Pictures available on request.

  •  Cassandra  


    After graduating cum laude with a Management B.S. in 2016, Cassandra returned to UHCL to pursue her passion for reading and writing. She will graduate with a Literature M.A. with a Writing Theory and Practice Concentration and a Women’s and Gender Studies Certificate in Fall 2018. She has also completed 15 hours of education courses at UHCL.

    Cassandra is a first-generation college student, a mom, and a creative writer. She also has experience with multimodal composition, ways of making arguments and telling stories that go beyond traditional text. This can include video, PowerPoint, performance, and so much more. To Cassandra, writing has been a way to make her voice heard, process experiences, change lives, and learn about herself, and she firmly believes that it can benefit everyone in the same profound way.

  • Cristian


    Cristian is currently a senior at the University of Houston-Main Campus pursuing his B.S. in Economics with a minor in English. He loves writing for fun, but also as a means of becoming a greater thinker. He believes that writing allows people to exercise their ability to think critically while still acting as a creative outlet. When he’s not busy attending classes or working, Cristian enjoys playing the cello, reading and listening to podcasts.

  • Enrique


    Enrique is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science in biology from UHCL. He has previously tutored at College of the Mainland before working in San Antonio as an independent consultant. He believes in writing as an art form, even if it’s academic. In his spare time, Enrique enjoys driving, searching for good music, and hanging out with his dog Rocky.

  • Ivy


    Ivy has been writing since she could pick up a pencil. “Writing is my life,” would be her motto if she had a motto, a saying she is pretty sure she stole from someone else. While studying history, psychology and fine arts she managed to earn a Bachelor of Arts from Rice University. In another life she was a freelance photographer for the Houston Chronicle, a painter, a sculptor, a jewelry designer, and a stained glass artisan. In fact, she has dabbled in every medium except for pottery and glass-blowing. In addition to publishing her own books, she edits books for other writers and is currently working on her second novel.

  •  Josh


    Josh has been working in education for over 5 years and is a very engaging and caring consultant. His specialties are in the fields of humanities and education, but he is more than willing to help out on any sort of assignment.

  •  Kelly


    Kelly graduated from UHCL in May 2013 with a bachelor's degree in mathematical science. She also completed 21 credit hours in education classes. While a student at UHCL Kelly was involved with Texas State Teachers Association, National Society for Leadership and Success, and was a student government representative for the Student Council for Exceptional Children. Before becoming the office assistant and a consultant for the Writing Center, Kelly has worked as a bookkeeper, paralegal, and substitute teacher.

  •  Lourdes


    Lourdes has a Bachelor's Degree in print journalism with an English minor from the University of Houston. Lourdes is extremely passionate about writing and has known from a very young age that she wanted a profession in it. Outside of the writing center, Lourdes works at an LGBTQ magazine called OutSmart. 

  • Matt


    Matt completed his B.S. in Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies from University of Houston - Main Campus, and is in the process of starting a Clinical Psychology M.A. at UHCL in the Fall. His main interests of study in psychology are Clinical and Counseling methods, Positive Psychology, Research, etc. He is extremely invested in writing of all types, whether it be for academia or purely creative pursuits.

    Along with his interest in Psychology and Research, Matt writes fantasy-horror short stories, campaigns for Dungeons and Dragons, and many other creative writing projects. Along with those nerdy hobbies, Matt is also an avid reader of all things horror and fantasy, listener of eclectic music genres, comic book reader and collector, and subpar gamer. If you have questions about psychology or nerdy “time wasters”, he’s got you covered.

  •  Martin


    Martin (pronounced “Mar-TEEN”)  completed his B.S. in psychology/sociology at UH-Main, and is currently a UHCL Sociology M.A. student focused on Latino/a American Studies, human rights, and social justice. He was a writing and reading consultant/literacy expert for Houston’s U.S. Dream Academy, which supports socioeconomically disadvantaged children, and has extensive experience in educational research, measurement, and assessment. Martin is an avid lover of all dogs, and he firmly believes that writing can take form in any medium, including social media.

  •  Michael


    Michael comes from Beaumont where he developed a love of short, uninformative biographies.

    The end.

    Well, that would be the end, but our clients deserve to know at least a little more about him.

    To start, Michael never considered himself a writer. His first love was visual art, be it drawing or painting or what have you. However, after taking courses in composition at San Jacinto College, he found a new love for writing. Soon afterward, he became a writing tutor at San Jacinto and has held the position for over a year. Now that he is a student at UHCL, majoring in computer science and minoring in cybersecurity, he hopes to help students all over our campus develop their skills as writers, and help them find a love for writing the same way his teachers helped him.

    The end. For real this time.

  • Tammy


    Tammy will graduate with a Bachelor's in Literature, a minor in Teacher Education, and a certificate in Women's Studies. She plans to pursue a Master's degree in 2019. In addition to her studies, she is intrigued by the human experience as they relate to emotion, shyness, and introversion.

    As a first generation college student, Tammy understands the struggles of writing, critical thinking, and navigating academic expectations. She learned that writing can be strenuous, but making it meaningful to herself makes writing worth it. When Tammy is not working, you may find her buried in her studies, chatting with friends, or very casually gaming.



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