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Disabled Veteran Parking

Disabled Veteran Parking

Effective immediately, the Capt. Wendell M. Wilson Office of Military and Veteran Services will serve as the main point of contact for qualifying disabled veteran students who wish to receive a free UHCL student parking permit. Disabled veterans who currently have a valid UHCL student parking permit or a blue temporary parking permit will continue to use it until it expires. Once the student parking permit or blue card expire, renewals will be issued by the Office of Military and Veteran Services.

Who qualifies for a disabled veteran student parking permit?

In accordance with the Texas Transportation Code 681.008 and 504.202, veterans who display the following license plates on their vehicle are eligible to receive a free UHCL DV student parking permit:

  • Disabled Veteran,
  • Congressional Medal of Honor,
  • Former Prisoner of War,
  • Pearl Harbor Survivor,
  • Purple Heart Recipient,
  • Legion of Valor (Air Force Cross, Distinguished Service Cross, Army Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross or Medal of Honor)
  • Legion of Merit License Plates
  • Bronze Star Medal
  • Distinguished Service Medal
  • Silver Star Medal

The free permit is to be used for the Veteran only or while they are in the vehicle.

How do I request my disabled veteran student parking permit?

To request a free parking permit, the following items will need to be submitted to the Office of Military and Veteran Services:

  1. Supporting documentation which proves their status listed above (i.e., vehicle registration indicating DV plates or the same proof shown at the Tax Assessor's Office to obtain your specialty license plates)
  2. Current UHCL student ID
  3. Current Texas driver's license
  4. UHCL Disabled Veteran Parking Permit Request Form (this form will be issued to you in the VSO) Please bring these documents to our office to request a Disabled Veteran Parking Permit free of charge.


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