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Poster Presentation Format

Poster Presentations

Posters offer you the opportunity to present your data and your work to your colleagues. They also provide you the opportunity to have one-to-one discussions with interested colleagues.

A free-standing panel, 65"high x 47"wide, is provided for you to present your papers or works using a visual medium with key excerpts from the papers.

Your poster presentation should incorporate illustrative materials such as tables, graphs, photographs, and large-print text. These materials and text should be clearly readable.

Suggested Overall Formats

  • Prefer: Single PowerPoint slide printed on a large format printer.
  • Alternative: Printouts of individual PowerPoint slides. 
  • Using glue sticks, glue each printed page to a piece of colored construction paper. Leave a 0.75” colored border on all sides. Use the same color construction paper throughout.

Preparing and Presenting a Poster

Printing Your Poster

  • Recommendation: UHCL Copy Center, Bayou Building 2403 for UHCL and non-UHCL participants
    • Contact:, 281-283-2220 for exact costs and submission & production details.
    • Payment: Expect $70, cash or check only.
    • Maximum Size: 42 x 48 inches
    • Poster File Format: Either one PowerPoint or one pdf file
    • Turnaround Time: One day
      We recommend you have your poster ready at least one week before the conference. Then, if something is not right, you have time to correct it and can rehearse with your final poster.
  • Alternative: Kinko’s, Office Max, and others offer large format printing services.
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