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Faculty Interest Form

Faculty Sponsors

Are you considering being a Faculty Sponsor for students applying to the Student Conference? Want to know more about the Conference? Already have a Roundtable, Symposium, or Special Event in mind?

Fill out the Faculty Interest Form on this page to let us know your thoughts, intentions, and concerns. We want your students to be successful, and we can assist you!

Questions? Contact Pilar Goyarzu at 

  Invite us for a class presentation.

Discussions and examples can be tailored to your class needs. Let us know the best days and times. Most presentations are 15-30 minutes depending on your needs.

Will your students view presentations and interact with presenters?
Presenters not only love an audience, they need the feedback an audience gives. It's mutually beneficial too. Being in the audience, students see what techniques work best and can integrate them into their own future presentations.

Most presentations are short. Except for Special Events, Oral presentations are 15 minutes, including the Q&A session. During a Poster session, students can walk around, stopping at posters of interest and talk with the author. The audience is welcome to interact and ask questions.

Students can view the Conference Schedule to determine presentations of interest. Even attending for 30 - 60 minutes is beneficial.

  Will your students have individual and/or group presentations?

Your students can be individual authors/presenters, or they can be co-authors with others in a small group or class presentation.

Students can be associated with multiple presentations. Sometimes a student will be a member of a group project and have a separate individual oral or poster presentation.

As the faculty sponsor,

  • You approve the submissions for your students when they register for the Conference, including topic, title, abstract, grammar and references.

  • You define a Roundtable, Symposium, or Special Event with the Conference Directors prior to your students registering for the Conference.

Students come prepared to discuss the faculty sponsor's pre-selected topic during 30-60 min. session. 

Example: Immigration, Diversity, and Ethnography in Houston
Dr. Christine Kovic (faculty sponsor) chaired mid-day Roundtable with four students lasting 60 min.


Students present prepared presentations on the faculty sponsor's pre-selected topic. 
Individual oral presentations may include co-authors. Each presentation is given a 15 min time slot that includes about 5 min for Q&A. The total time for a symposium depends on the total number of presentations. Each presentation is individually registered for the Conference and has its own title and abstract. At registration, the applicant/first author specifies the symposium associated with the presentation.

Example: Fraud and Corruption Symposium 
Individual oral presentations by Dr. Mattie Porter's students during an evening session lasting 2 hours, 15 minutes. Dr. Porter was both the faculty sponsor and chair of the symposium.

  Special Event

Special events often involve participants from outside UHCL as well as students within UHCL. They vary in presentation format, time, and requirements. Typically, a Special Event is registered as an Oral presentation with a single abstract. The student registering the event is considered the first author and all other participants are listed as co-authors.

Example: Scruggs v. Snyder: A Mock Trial Demonstration of an Auto-Pedestrian Accident Case with a visiting judge. The mock trial was three hours with 12 students (1 author and 11 co-authors) participating.

Faculty Interest Form

General Info
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Conference Evaluators
Be an Evaluator. Student presenters need your independent, constructive feedback.
As an Evaluator, your comments provide a crucial and durable contribution that students greatly appreciate. Each year, students consistently remark to us on the value of their evaluator's feedback to their project and presentation. Evaluators can also be members of the community outside UHCL.
Let us know that you're interested, and we'll contact you closer to the date of the Conference.
Finishing Up
When you submit your form:
- A Thank You message is displayed on the page when your form is sent successfully.
- If you have not heard from us within five (5) business days, please contact Pilar Goyarzu at


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