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2020 Presentations

The following is a list of asynchronous and synchronous presentations, listed in alphabetical order. 

Asynchronous Presentations

  Advertising Design

Advertising Design
Sponsor: Stuart Larson
Presenter: Rachel Haufler 

  The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences
  The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Executive Functioning and Mindfulness in Adulthood
Sponsor: Julia Strait
Presenters: Katherine Ranton, Stephen Fox, Kristin Montalvo, Kimberly Grimes, Nicolas Ochoa, Adriana Valdes
  Jury Trial Legal Studies
  Jury Trial Legal Studies
Sponsor: The Honorable Winifred B. Weber
Participants: Darius Randle, Jessica Means, Amye Cortiaus, Anh Luu, Sacha Bennett, Brandon Salgado, Leslie Chapa, Christopher Hamilton, Patrick Acosta
  Online Job Portal
  Online Job Portal
Sponsor: Soma Datta
Presenter: Vaishnavi Kolusu
  Raman Spectroscopy of Alpha-Substituted Succinimides
  Raman Spectroscopy of Alpha-Substituted Succinimides
Sponsor: Arcadius V. Krivoshein
Presenter: Zhaochang Hu

Synchronous Presentation

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Exhibition Roundtable Discussion
Join the UHCL graduating BFA seniors as they share the best of their recent artwork. Participants share images of the recent work that was selected for the BFA exhibition, and speak briefly about the ideas and concepts they have developed over the last several years. BFA faculty also announced award winners at the end of the presentations.