About the Student Government Association

What is SGA?

SGA is UHCL's student government body and official student representative organization. It is composed of representatives from all recognized student orgs, the Executive Council and the Senate.

SGA's four primary purposes are:

  • Advocate for and speak on behalf of the student body at large
  • Provide input to university administration on student and organizational issues
  • Elect/appoint students to university committees
  • Allocate funds to the student organizations

SGA Executive Council

Elected by a majority vote, four officers comprise the SGA Executive Council (EC) for one-year term of office, commencing on the day of the annual Student Life Banquet, which is normally held in late April. Like other SGA reps, SGA EC officers must officially represent a recognized UHCL student organization.

2018 - 2019 SGA Executive Council

  Izuh Ikpeama, President

Izuh Ikpeama

Izuh Ikpeama is a senior pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Biology with a specialization in Pre-Health and Physiology, along with a minor in chemistry.

He decided to become involved within SGA because he wanted to be a part of the process to transition the organization to becoming more student oriented. He hopes to make every student feel that they have a voice and the means to enact change on campus. Izuh served as the Vice President of Administration in the 2017 -2018 academic year, and he hopes to continue his work through SGA throughout his final year at UHCL.

Izuh's involvement with student organizations includes Chemistry Club, Volleyball Club, Social Justice Organization, Music Club, PHSA, Tri-Beta, HSTC, and the Campus Activities Board. In the past, Izuh has served as the Treasurer of Volleyball Club, SGA Representative for the Music Club, Treasurer for the Campus Activities Board, Pre-Pharmacy Chair for PHSA, and Vice President for the Social Justice Organization. Izuh currently serves as the Secretary for the Campus Activities Board.

Izuh is a graduate of the Hawk Leadership Institute and has served as a peer mentor for the First-Year Seminar program for two years. His on-campus involvement includes being an Orientation Leader, a SLICE Volunteer, and a live reporter for The Signal. He has served on the Student Life Council, University Council Academic Honesty Panel, and the Food Service and Advisory Committee. Izuh is a Platinum recipient of the Servant Leader Scholar Program, and was the 2017 Orientation Leader of the Year as well as the 2017 Peer’s Choice Student Leader of the Year.

  Tri Nguyen, Vice President - Committee Coordinator

Tri Nguyen has been a student at UHCL since May of 2014, in pursuit of a Bachelors in Psychology with a minor in Sociology, of which he attained in May of 2016. He now is a graduate student pursuing his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Leadership. He plans to enter Law School upon the completion of this MBA Program and pursue Litigation and Intellectual Property (IP) Law.

Tri previously served as SGA Vice President Committee Coordinator during the academic year of 2015 – 2016 and is serving the same position for the 2018-19 academic year. He chose to join SGA so he can have a chance to contribute his leadership in providing students with opportunities to be heard and recognized as well as to advocate for those who can’t or don’t know how to voice their issues and opinions.

Outside of SGA, Tri serves as Student Advisor to the National Society of Leadership & Success (NSLS), Legal Studies Association (LSA), Vietnamese Students Association (VSA), and Running Outdoors Walking (ROW) Adventures. He is also President and founder of the Business Oriented Students Society (BOSS) along with UHCL’s only intercollegiate competitive team, Model Arab League Student Organization (MALSO). Through these leadership roles, Tri has represented UHCL locally, in state’s capital, and in our nation’s capital at Georgetown University in competition. Tri’s on-campus involvement includes his roles served as an Orientation Leader for both Orientation & New Student Programs (ONSP) and the Office of International Admissions and Programs (OIAP). He was twice recipient of UHCL’s Peer’s Choice Student Leader of the Year for 2015 and 2016, SGA Rep of the Year 2018.

Throughout his years here at UHCL, Tri has contributed his leadership to coordinate numerous philanthropic charity drives and fundraisers to aid causes and scholarships such as the Houston/ Galveston County Food Bank, Cancer and Breast Cancer research and awareness, Nora’s Home Foundation, Hugh Lea Leadership Scholarship, HOBY Foundation, and many more.

  Jessica Kunzat, Vice President - Outreach & Communication

Jessica Kunzat came to the University of Houston-Clear Lake in fall 2014 and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a Minor in Anthropology. Jessica has been involved with various organizations, including Music Club, the Campus Activities Board, and the Social Justice Organization. In the past, Jessica served as the Committee Coordinator for the Social Justice Organization, Committee Chair for the Campus Activities Board, and Vice President of the Music Club.

In addition to her role as VP - Outreach and Communication, she also currently serves as the SGA representative for the Campus Activities Board and the President of the Music Club. Beyond her involvement with student organizations, Jessica has served as an Orientation Leader, an Orientation Team Leader, and a Peer Mentor for the UHCL First-Year Seminar Program.

As the current Vice President of Outreach and Communication, Jessica is responsible for handling the Student Government Association’s outward reach. This includes maintaining the organization’s social media accounts, corresponding with contacts beyond UHCL like the Galveston County Food Bank, and always networking to search for students interested in having a louder voice at the university.

Student engagement and involvement have been an integral part of Jessica’s experience at UHCL. Her passion for student advocacy is the driving factor that lead her to the Student Government Association. She believes strongly in the voices of students, and hopes to help pave the way in making SGA a place where students know their voices will be heard.

  Tyler Baggerley, Vice President - Administration

Tyler Baggerley is a senior majoring in a Bachelors of Biological Sciences with a specialization in Pre-Health and a minor in chemistry.

He decided to join SGA because he wanted to ensure that the Student Body will be well represented within all University policies. His mission is to give the students the opportunity to be heard and to ensure that SGA is a student focused association. He is a graduate of the Hawk Leader Institute, an Orientation Leader, and a SLICE Volunteer.   

He is also involved in many different student organizations including the Campus Activities Board, PHSA, HSTC, and Music Club. He is Vice President of the Campus Activities Board and a Platinum recipient of the Servant Leader Scholar Program. His vision for UHCL is to increase student involvement and to see the university flourish with new students. 

SGA Senate

The goal of the Senate is to bring positive change to campus. Senators actively listen to and engage with UHCL students to explore problem areas and improvement/upgrades that would benefit the student body.

2018 – 2019 SGA Senators

The SGA Senate is elected by the student body and consists of 25 students:

  • Three (3) undergraduates and two (2) graduates from each college
  • Three (3) undergraduates and two (2) graduates from the Council of Organizations

Below are the Senators as of early October 2018

  College of Business
  • Frances Davenport, undergraduate
  • Jessica Shea, undergraduate
  • Astha Sharma, graduate
  • Patty Waters, graduate
  College of Education
  • Leslie Villagome, undergraduate
  College of Human Sciences and Humanities
  • Troylon Griffin, undergraduate 
  • Jeffery Ryan, undergraduate
  • Miles Shellshear, undergraduate
  • Sara Ray, graduate
  College of Science and Computer Engineering
  • Derek Delgado, undergraduate
  • Flor Gonzalez, undergraduate
  • Arturo Perez, undergraduate
  • Karen Chapman, undergraduate (alternate)
  • Alex Paul, graduate
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