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Women's Programs


By creating educational programs, fostering cross-campus collaborations, and advocating for the needs and concerns of women, the Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office serves as a resource and support system for the female students, staff, and faculty while educating the larger UHCL community. Additionally, we strive to promote the personal growth, development, and empowerment of women and their male advocates across campus.

In accordance with the university's mission to provide fair and equitable learning opportunities, the Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office strives to cultivate a safe, accepting, and supportive campus environment which respects the diversity within our community.

We encourage all members of the campus community to participate in programs provided.


The Coordinator seeks to create a safe, diverse and equitable learning environment for women and all members of the UHCL community.


Engaging with others to listen and seek to understand a wide range of perspectives, interests and experiences, and recognizing that by doing so something unique and valuable is created.


Engaging in coalition building in joint causes and projects, identifying and recognizing intersections and connections, and committing to investing the needed time and energy to this way of working.

Social Justice

Raising consciousness, increasing knowledge, and building skills to address intersecting forms of oppression at all levels, from the personal through the systemic, and engaging in critical self-reflection.


Accomplishing goals with and through others, valuing assessment, reflection and critique as tools for improvement, and adapting to changing needs and expectations.

Safe & Supportive Environment

Providing a space where individuals are supported, cared for, and empowered; seeking to understand the perspectives and experiences of others within a non-judgmental framework.


Recognizing and valuing the views and inherent worth of individual of all identities, and expanding models for engaging in sharing differing perspectives.


Advocate, at an individual and system level, on issues of gender-equity, gender-based and sexual violence.

Strive to build a safe, inclusive, supportive and affirming community for all identities. We do this through on and off campus collaborations and by offering educational programs, events and resources on issues of identity, inclusion and gender based and sexual violence.

Recognize and affirm the importance of celebrating the contributions and achievements of women and allies. Support women to reach self-actualization, to use their choice in advocating for themselves and others, to strengthen their capacity and courage for leadership and engagement.

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