Diversity Education and Training

The office of Student Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (SDEI) offers trainings and workshops to the UHCL community, designed to provide participants with the tools and knowledge necessary for introductory engagement with social justice. Each workshop is centered on the core values of SDEI: critical thinking, diversity, inclusion, integrity, and personal and professional development. Please see the details of our workshop menu and the request form below. Additionally, we are happy to work with the needs of your group to develop a training or workshop that meets your unique needs regarding cultivating an inclusive culture.

Request Form

Please use the Training Request Form to request any of our existing workshops for your group. If you require a unique session to meet the needs of your group, or are unsure which workshop would best meet your needs, please contact zewdie@uhcl.edu with the subject line: Consult. We will be more than happy to work with you. Please note that all requests must be made at least three weeks in advance for us to be able to accommodate you.

Workshop Menu

101: Identity

What do we mean when we talk about diversity and social justice? What is a social identity? How and why do identities like gender, race, class, ethnicity, and sexual orientation matter? This workshop serves as an introductory conversation on how social identities such as these shape our experiences and interactions on campus and in our communities. Participants will leave with an enhanced understanding of the relevance of their own social identities and experiences as well as an increased ability to appreciate and communicate with others across difference.

Learning Outcomes: Through participation in this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and differentiate social and personal identities
    Increase awareness of self, and the role of social identities in day to day life
  • Identify the differences and applications of "Diversity" "Inclusion" and "Social Justice"
  • Feel more equipped to engage in conversations with others about diversity

Length: 90 minutes

102: Power & Privilege

What does privilege really mean? Do I have it? What are the ways the oppression can show up in society? Building on the knowledge and skills from the 101 workshop, this workshop explores the dynamics of power and privilege and provides participants the opportunity to increase their awareness of self, others, and the role of socialization both personally and societally. Completion of 101: Social Identity is required to participate in this workshop.

Learning Outcomes: Through participation in this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Define privilege and oppression
  • Increase awareness of self, and their proximity to power and privilege based on their social identities
  • Gain a basic understanding of the 4 I's of oppression
  • Gain an awareness of the following concepts: intersectionality, socialization

Length: 2 hours

103: Inclusive Consciousness

How do little actions add up to create larger systems of oppression? How can small comments and actions impact individuals? This workshop explores how we can use our knowledge to enact change and create socially just environments and behaviors. Participants will learn how to apply the 4 A's of Inclusive Consciousness through the lens of understanding, identifying, and interrupting microaggressions. Completion of 101: Social Identity and 102: Power & Privilege is required to participate in this workshop.

Learning Outcomes: Through participation in this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the 4 A's of Inclusive Consciousness and apply them to their lives
  • Define, identify, interrupt, and take accountability for microaggressions
  • Feel more equipped to interrupt oppressive scenarios and thinking, internally and externally
  • Increase consciousness and critical thinking skills in service of creating socially just spaces

Length: 2 hours

Hawk Allies

Hawk Allies is a commitment made by Students, Faculty, and Staff to make the University of Houston-Clear Lake (UHCL) a more inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ individuals. The first step toward this pledge is attending a four (4) hour Hawk Allies Training.

The Hawk Allies Training provides participants with information and resources that will raise awareness and understanding about sexual and gender identities, homophobia, and heterosexism.

Participants who attend a Hawk Allies Training and sign an Ally contract become an Official Hawk Ally of UHCL. Official allies are part of a campus-wide network that shares in the work of creating a safe, inclusive, and affirming place for LGBTQ+ Hawks.

Learning Outcomes: Through partaking in Hawk Allies training, participants will be able to:

  • Cultivate a community and understand that all of us are part of the Hawk Allies community.
  • Increase awareness of self.
  • Increase understanding of the LGBTQ+ community at large and at UHCL.
  • Begin to advocate on an institutional and individual level.

Length: 4 hours

Inclusive Language

Inclusive Language is one skill that contributes to an affirming and inclusive environment. This Inclusive Language training provides Students, Faculty, and Staff with information about why the words we use are important and how we can better communicate with a focus on diversity.

Learning Outcomes: Through partaking in Inclusive Language training, participants will be able to:

  • Increase understanding of the power of our language.
  • Identify behaviors they can start, stop, or continue doing to be more inclusive with their words.
  • Feel more equipped to engage in conversations with others about diversity.

Length: 45 minutes - one (1) hour

Student Leader Training

This training is intended to prepare student leaders for creating inclusive communities, practicing culturally humble leadership, and managing challenging scenarios while executing roles such as: resident assistants, orientation leaders, student staff, etc. The makeup of this session will depend on the particular needs and nature of the student leader role, but will likely include elements of our 101: Identity Workshop paired with practical applications as contextualized by their roles.

Learning Outcomes: Outcomes for these trainings will differ depending on the needs of the group.

Length: 90+ minutes depending on your needs

Intercultural Development Inventory

The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) is a tool that assesses intercultural competence — the capability to shift cultural perspective and appropriately adapt behavior to cultural differences and commonalities. The Intercultural Development Inventory is a 50-item online questionnaire that can be completed in 15-20 minutes. After taking the assessment, IDI generates profiles on an individual's intercultural competence paired with an Individual Development Plan (IDP) — a detailed blueprint for the individual to further develop their cultural competence.

The Office of Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion offers individual and group IDI coaching for a small fee. IDI coaching sessions are available to students, faculty and staff.

Groups: The IDI also generates group and organizational intercultural competence profiles. Organizational profiles are used to assess a department or organization's intercultural competence, identify cross-cultural goals and challenges, and provide valuable information regarding how the group IDI's profile translates into interculturally competent strategies across diverse groups.

Individuals: The IDI generates profiles of an individual's intercultural competence. When used to assess an individual's level of intercultural competence, a customized Intercultural Development Plan is also prepared for the person. This provides a detailed blueprint for the individual to further develop their intercultural competence.

If you are a Division of Student Affairs staff member who would like to request an individual debrief on your IDI results, please use this IDI form.


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