Signature Programs

Students attend a UHCL fair.If you're looking for a way to get involved on campus, look no further than our Signature Programs. These programs are central to the core mission of the Office of Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. For additional events and programs, check out the SDEI event calendar.

SDEI Event Calendar

Identity & Heritage Celebrations

During the academic year we hold dedicated space to celebrate and honor various identity and heritage groups represented throughout the University of Houston-Clear Lake community. While we understand the importance of the daily intersectional approach of our work, we believe these times provide us the opportunity to learn more about and honor the history, innovations, culture, diversity, challenges and triumphs of various identity groups. Learn more about Identity and heritage celebrations at UHCL.

First Gen Fridays

First Gen Fridays (FGF) are a supportive collection of experiences for our first-generation students at UHCL! FGF includes support meetings, workshops, and social events that all happen each Friday. This will help you feel connected to the larger First Generation community at UHCL, explore resources that will develop and challenge you, highlight your current skills, and give you the chance to earn both an "I'm First" t-shirt and stole for when you finish your UHCL journey.

To learn more contact our Coordinator of Diversity Programs, Aja Rodriguez, at

Voice It
Ever wish you had a space to explore how your life and the lives of others are affected by identities such as gender, race, nationality, or religion? Voice It is an informal, drop-in, judgment-free dialogue series meant to explore, discuss, and connect over the many facets of our identities and learn about one another — all over snacks and hot drinks! This cozy discussion space requires no regular commitment or pre-existing knowledge to participate, and all identities are welcome at each session.
Global Expo and Cultural Extravaganza
Global Expo and Cultural Extravaganza (GECE) is an event where UHCL students, staff, and faculty can share their diverse cultures from around the world. This program promotes diversity and enhances global engagement to Improve UHCL experience for all Hawk students. Please join us during International Education Week to build a stronger globalized community. Together we will share, experience, and learn about cultures from different parts of the world.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

Student Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion honors MLK Day in partnership with the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership during the week of the national holiday. While the campus closes on the annual holiday, we invite the community to take the rest of the week "on" to honor the life and legacy of Dr. King through a day of service. One of the values espoused by MLK Jr. was giving back to and supporting the community in which you reside, thus each volunteer project focuses on supporting the UHCL community.

Diversity Graduation

Diversity Graduation is the combination of three traditional community celebrations of graduates: Lavender Graduation, Multicultural Graduation, and First Generation Graduation. Our celebration of these communities, their families, support systems, and their accomplishments takes place at the end of fall and spring semester. Keep an eye out for information about how to sign up to participate and receive a special Diversity Graduation stole.

What does Diversity Graduation encompass?

  • Lavender Graduation is a traditional ceremony conducted on numerous campuses to honor lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and ally (LGBTQ+) students and to acknowledge their achievements. 
  • Multicultural Graduation is a ceremony held to acknowledge our historically underrepresented students by commemorating their accomplishments. 
  • First Gen Graduation is a celebration of the accomplishments of graduating first generation college students, those who come from families where neither parent or guardian has a four-year degree or higher from a college or university.
Annual Celebrations and Observances

Join us for a variety of celebrations and observances each year that represent the many cultures, religions, and nationalities that make up our UHCL community. Celebrations and observances may take place in a variety of ways, from events and speakers to social media campaigns and art installations.

Unsure if a holiday or celebration that is important to you is being represented at UHCL? Contact us to learn more or make a suggestion at


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