About SDEI

Mission and Vision

Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (SDEI) is committed to cultivating, supporting, nurturing, and affirming a diverse university environment that fosters authentic and inclusive relationships among members of the UHCL community.

We provide advocacy, guidance, and support for underrepresented students, in order to enhance their academic and personal success. SDEI strives to further the persistence and empowerment of our diverse student population, regardless of race, ethnicity, sex (including pregnancy), religion, national origin, disability, age, veteran status, genetic information or sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, first-generation, and all other historically underrepresented student populations. Through its educational programming and services, SDEI facilitates the growth of culturally responsible and conscious global citizens.

Core Values

Critical Thinking

SDEI seeks to promote critical thinking skills that are imperative for student success. We promote the development of problem-solving skills and value innovation. SDEI aims to provide educational programs that encourage students to value experiential knowledge and become lifelong learners.


SDEI seeks to create a culturally-enriched environment that is representative of all UHCL students' backgrounds and identities. Diversity goes beyond race and ethnicity, and includes educating around privilege, oppression, and social change. We believe that diversity helps enhance the vitality of a university, and we seek to promote global awareness and respect among all cultures.


SDEI seeks to encourage respect among differences in cultures and identities through cultural awareness, acceptance, teamwork, and collaboration. We strive to provide programming and resources to cultivate and provide a sense of belonging to, all members of the UHCL community.


SDEI seeks to promote integrity and honesty in all facets of an individual's life. We promote cultural awareness while educating about power and privilege. We value commitment and accountability, and strive to instill these values in UHCL community members so that they may become effective leaders locally and globally.

Personal and Professional Development

SDEI seeks to teach students how to be successful in university, global, and diverse settings. We strive to help students develop methods of effective communication across difference, while helping them navigate their respective identities within professional environments. We value mentoring that allows for exploration of personal identity development, self-discovery, identity synthesis, understanding power and privilege, and building pride around identity. SDEI helps students learn how to maintain a respectful, professional presence in any context.


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