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Foster Care Alumni Support Services

R.I.S.E. Initiative

Helping students who were formerly in foster care RISE to new heights, by providing connections to services and programs that elevate and support academic and personal goals. We assist foster care alumni in their transition into college, and support through graduation. Contact Foster Care Liaison Officer Kristi Randolph Simon to learn more about the RISE initiative.

RISE Objectives

  • Resilience (n) - Our students possess the strength and will power to overcome and rise above life’s challenges.
  • Inspiration (n) - Driven to take action, our students are inspired and motivated to learn, as they are models of inspiration for others who travel their path.
  • Success (n) - Our purpose is to provide support and to assist our students in successfully completing their academic and personal goals.
  • Empowerment (n) - In reaching their goals, students become empowered and help to lift others at our institution and in the global community.

RISE Support Services

Our goal is to empower students who were adopted-out/aged-out of foster care, by providing personal assistance, and connecting students with the following support services:

For services and support, please contact the Foster Care Liaison Officer and Assistant Dean of Students Kristi Randolph Simon, SSCB 1.201,, 281-283-2451.

Kristi Randolph Simon, Foster Care Liaison Officer

RISE Support Fund

UHCL, through the RISE Support Fund, provides additional support to students who have aged out of the foster care system. The RISE Support Fund is an effort to help UHCL students remove any barriers that may prohibit them from focusing on their academic and career endeavors. RISE support funds can be used to defray the cost of textbooks, fees not covered by tuition exemption, school supplies, medical care, food, transportation needs, personal care, living expenses, etc. Students may apply for RISE support funds by completing the RISE support fund application, below.  For questions or assistance with completing the application, please contact the Kristi Randolph Simon, SSCB 1.201,, 281-283-2451.

Criteria for eligibility 

  • Enrolled student
  • Student receiving the TDFPS tuition exemption, or student confirmed by state or local government as currently/previously in foster care, or similar documented circumstance
  • Documentation verifying the cost of expenditure
  • Student in good standing with the university, or with an academic/career success plan on file

RISE Support Fund Application

Additional Support Services

Financial Resources

Donate to the RISE Support Fund

Your gift will make an impact in the lives of UHCL students who have spent time in care.
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