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Center for Student Advocacy and Community

The Center for Student Advocacy and Community (CSAC), at the University of Houston-Clear Lake, was established in Fall 2023. Through educational opportunities, advocacy, and community building, the Center for Student Advocacy & Community (CSAC) supports the personal and professional development of UHCL students navigating the college experience. CSAC empowers students by providing essential services that meet basic needs, along with resources and education that foster learning, critical thinking, self-advocacy, and student success.

CSAC aspires to stand as a cornerstone of student success for all students to overcome obstacles, ignite their passions, and emerge as resilient leaders ready to make a positive impact on campus and the global society.

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Services & Support


Personal Crisis, Health and Safety

School and life can often be challenging and overwhelming. Students experiencing personal crisis, distress, medical or mental health challenges, hospitalization, death of a loved one, displacement, or food/housing insecurities are welcome to contact the Center for Student Advocacy and Community. We will provide basic needs support, connect you with campus and community resources, and develop a care plan for your personal well-being and academic success.

If you miss classes due to an emergency, we will refer you to the Dean of Students Office to maintain an Absence Notification Letter to inform faculty, in addition to referrals for academic and emotional support.

We work closely with the Counseling and Mental Health Center, Student Success Center, Dean of Students Office, Office of Financial Aid, the Registrar's Office, academic colleges and other campus partners to create a network of support for our students.

Basic Needs Persistence Grant

If you are experiencing a financial hardship and need financial assistance, you may apply for the Basic Needs Grant. Please visit the Basic Need's webpage to determine and apply for the type of financial support you need. Decisions are made based on need, eligibility and supporting documentation. Currently, enrolled students may apply and will be considered for funds when all other personal resources and financial aid are exhausted.

We also provide consultations about financial wellness and information about financial management resources. We make referrals to campus departments including the Office of Student Financial Aid and Student Business Services. Students are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid office for aid re-evaluation if their life circumstances have recently changed.

Basic Needs Grant

First Generation

CSAC provides support and services for students who are identified as first generation. We offer a wide range of workshops designed to strengthen various components of the student experience, with the aim of preparing students to be successful in their future endeavors. We want to ensure that all of our first-gen scholars make it to the finish line.

Student Concerns and Grievances

CSAC will refer any student that has a complaint or grievance to the Dean of Students Office. At the University of Houston-Clear Lake, students have a right to fair and equitable treatment. The Center for Student Advocacy and Community (CSAC) encourages you to resolve minor issues, differences or discrepancies by notifying and requesting resolution from the appropriate person, supervisor, or department head.

If the matter is not resolved, you may submit a written complaint following the guidelines outlined in the university's Compact With Texans. Should this approach not end in resolution, after the appropriate process has been followed, you may choose to submit formal complaint (or grievance). You may contact the Dean of Students Office for assistance and guidance in submitting a formal complaint or use the Student Complaint form.

Title IX sexual misconduct and discrimination complaints are to be reported to the Title IX and Equal Opportunity Services OfficeStudent conduct related issues are to be reported to the Dean of Students Office.

Emergencies and safety concerns are to be reported immediately to the University Police Department at 281-283-2222.

Off-Campus Programs and Services

The Center for Student Advocacy and Community (CSAC) extends programs and services to all students, including students taking courses online and at UHCL at Pearland and Texas Medical Center locations.

If you attend class online or at an off-campus location, please contact us if you have a question, concern or need.

Parent and Family Support

Parents, family members and guardians are welcome to contact the Center for Student Advocacy and Community to seek advice on how to best support your student. We hope that you will encourage your student to review university policies and reach out to the appropriate department for assistance. We can help you empower your student to be more independent and engaged on campus.

If you feel your student is in distress or need additional guidance, please contact us. Your help is important, and you play a critical role in your student's network of support.

Gowns for Grads

For graduating students who are experiencing a crisis or unforeseen emergency, Gowns for Grads lends donated graduation regalia. The program also accepts donations of gently used UHCL gowns, caps, and other graduation regalia.

Gowns for Grads

Faculty and Staff Support

CSAC provides support to faculty and staff in the process of assisting UHCL students.

Faculty and Staff Support


  • Center for Student Advocacy and Community

    Phone: 281-283-2575

    SSCB 1.203
    2700 Bay Area Blvd
    Houston, TX 77058-1002

    Office hours:
    Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    Please call ahead during holidays and semester breaks.

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