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Senior Projects

The Senior Project course (CSCI 4838) is the capstone course for undergraduate Computer Science students. Students work in teams on real-world projects that demand computer science knowledge, techniques gathered from other academic subjects, and competence in software team development. External companies may sponsor projects or faculty members may serve as internal mentors for projects.

To enroll in the course, you must have completed SWEN 4432, Software Engineering, and CSCI 3532, Advance Data Structures and Algorithm, and be within six hours of graduation. The course is controlled, so you need to get permission from the department to participate in the project. Contact the suite secretary at (281) 283-3860, Delta 161. Please contact the instructor before the semester begins for information on the course and available projects.

Senior Project

  1. Directs students in a practical experience of solving a real-world problem and implementing its solution from requirements to testing and maintenance 
  2. Trains students to develop and use proper design methodologies and existing tools Helps students examine professional ethics and globalization as they relate specifically to computing-related professions 
  3. Strengthens students' skills in verbal and written communication, formal and informal presentations, listening, problem solving, and teamwork Gives students a foundation in project management

Topics Covered Include

  1. Team Building
  2. Project Management
  3. Ethics
  4. Global Issues
  5. In-class work on project

The senior project, the capstone requirement for the BS program, is more demanding than the average CSCI course. Despite the rigorous study involved, many alumni enjoy the benefits of the course; they find them invaluable to advancing their professional careers.