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Attending Class

What can I do if I am uncomfortable attending an in-person class?

Requests for an exception to attending an in-person class due to a medical condition for students will be handled by the Accessibility Support Center. Academic advisors may be able to assist students in finding an alternative course or section for situations not covered by an accessibility accommodation.

My course mode recently changed from online to in-person. Do I have to take it as an in-person course?

Students should consult with their academic advisors regarding course mode options and alternative course offerings.

What is a general idea of how classes will run this fall?

The Fall 2021 semester will include several course mode options, as detailed on the Fall 2021 Course Modes page. Students should review their syllabus on Blackboard for each class for additional information.

If a class is offered in only one mode, can I work with the professor to take the class in another course mode?

Students should expect to engage in the course based upon the course mode designation in the class schedule. Accommodations can and will be made for students who utilize the Accessibility Support Center (ASC) and have documentation for needed adjustments. Faculty are not required to adjust their courses outside of those adjustments that are required by the ASC documentation. However, every faculty member and discipline is different, and students are encouraged to talk to their individual professor or academic advisor with questions. 

Will classrooms be filled to capacity?

Yes, some classrooms will be filled to capacity, based upon enrollment numbers. There are currently no social distancing requirements or plans to limit classroom capacity on campus. 

Can students record in-person classes?

Students may not record or livestream any part of class or make/distribute screen captures without advanced written consent from the instructor. If a student has or thinks they may have a disability that requires recording class-related activities, they should contact the Accessibility Support Center. If a student has an accommodation to record class-related activities, the instructor must be notified of the accommodation. Those recordings may not be shared with any other student, person or on any other platform.

Will there be a UHCL Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grading policy or Pandemic Withdrawal policy for Fall 2021?

There are no special grading policies for Fall 2021. The S\U grading option expired on May 27, 2021. The Pandemic Related Withdrawal or Drop Option will remain in effect until the end of summer 2021.

Can I drop a class if I get sick/contract COVID-19? What specifically qualifies for a medical withdrawal?

The drop date for 15-week classes is November 8, 2021. Dates for the 8-week sessions can be found on the academic calendar. Contact the Dean of Students office for information on medical withdrawal.

COVID Policies and Procedures

How will COVID updates and other important messages be communicated to students and employees?

Students and employees will continue to receive messages through their official UHCL email address. Students and employees can also sign up to receive Emergency Alerts via phone and email. Signup instructions are posted at the bottom section of the E-Services page.

Is a student ever allowed to ask a classmate to wear a mask?

A student can ask, but there is no requirement that their colleagues and peers honor this request. Faculty cannot require masks in the classroom. 

What will professors do to ensure students are following COVID protocols?

UHCL's current COVID policy states that masks are encouraged but not required. Social distancing is also not required. Professors will work to ensure students in their classes are following any protocols articulated by the institution, but they have limited authority in some instances. Referrals to the Dean of Students for conduct violations are one avenue available to faculty, students and staff if someone is not following policy.

What safety measures will used in and out of classrooms (e.g., lounges, dining, classrooms, labs)?

Social distancing and mask wearing are encouraged. UHCL is not enforcing any additional safety protocols. Testing (including daily testing) is still available on campus and highly encouraged.

If a student or employee tests positive, what should they do?

Students should report their diagnosis through the student reporting form.  Employees should report their diagnosis through the employee reporting form. Reporting is confidential. An assigned UHCL contact tracer will advise on next steps.

Will classrooms close, or will classes be relocated if a student tests positive for COVID?

No. Classrooms will not close, and classes will not be relocated as a result of COVID for the fall semester. 

If a student gets COVID, will all other students in the class have to get tested or be asked to wear a mask?

No. COVID testing or mask wearing will not be required for students if a classmate tests positive.

Is asking someone about their vaccination status permitted?

Students can ask if they choose, but since this is protected health information, no one is obligated to respond. UHCL employees, including faculty, are not permitted to ask anyone their vaccination status. 

Is social distancing required in classrooms?

No. There will be no social distancing requirements in classrooms, conference rooms, etc.

Is the university going to make COVID-19 testing mandatory for students or employees?

No, but it is highly encouraged. Free testing is available on campus and open to the public.

Student Services and Programs

Will the laptop assistance program continue? 

Yes. The Online Learning Assistance and Reimbursement Program (OLARP) will continue for Fall 2021. Eligibility requirements and application info can be found online.

What on-campus jobs can students apply for?

Students can apply to Non-College Work Study (NCWS) on-campus jobs and College Work Study (CWS) on-campus jobs. On-campus jobs are posted in Jobs4Hawks. CWS job eligibility can be determined by visiting the Financial Aid Office. Visit the Career Services Office for job search tips and advice.

Will there be an in-person orientation for new students?

No. All orientations this year are virtual. SOAR will include limited in-person opportunities for a campus tour or small group activities. Check the Orientation and New Student Programs webpage for the most up-to-date information.

Will there be info tables on campus to help students at the start of the semester?

Yes. Students, faculty and staff will be available to answer questions from Aug. 23-27. Tables will be set up at the following locations:

  • UHCL at Pearland Academic Building
  • Near SSCB Lot D
  • Bayou Building, Atrium I
  • Near Delta Parking Lot
  • SSCB Dean of Students Front Desk
What support resources are available to students?

A full list of UHCL departments and offices is available on the Support Services webpage.

What counseling programs and initiatives are planned to help students cope with the transition back to campus, the pandemic as a whole, etc.?

Counseling Services provides mental health services in person and virtually. Services include individual and couples therapy, psychiatry, group therapy (including an anxiety group), coping skills workshops, and crisis intervention (during the day and after hours). All services are confidential. Students can visit the Counseling Services webpage for self-help resources, including instructions to log into WellTrack interactive self-help therapy (which has modules on anxiety and resilience), take a mental health screening, or use relaxation exercises.

What scholarships and aid are available for students, beyond the FAFSA?

Scholarship and financial aid information can be found on the Costs and Aid page.

Will student programming be held virtually this year?

UHCL is making efforts to provide students with a variety of both virtual and in-person programs.

General Campus Information

Where can I find maps of the campus and campus buildings?

Maps are displayed near the elevators and main entrances of most buildings. A campus map and floor plans are also available online.

Where can I get information about the Hawk Card ID?

Information about Hawk Cards can be found on the Student Enrollment Center webpage, by calling 281-283-2722, or by emailing

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