Enrollment Schedule

Enrollment appointments for Spring 2019 are now available in E-Services.

Check E-Services for your specific Priority Enrollment Date.

Continuing students may begin making class selections and preparing for their Priority enrollment appointment according to the schedule below.

Student Classification Student Classification Type Priority Enrollment Begins
Veteran Students    Nov. 5
Online plan Students    Nov. 5
Graduate Degree-Seeking   Nov. 5-7
  Non-Degree and Certificates  Nov. 9
Post-Baccalaureate  Degree-Seeking  Nov. 7
  Non-Degree and Certificates Nov. 9 
 Undergraduate  Degree-Seeking  Nov. 7-9
  Non-Degree Nov. 9

Newly-admitted undergraduate students for the Spring 2019 term can enroll for classes during their mandatory Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR) event (for freshman) or by scheduling an appointment with their advisor (sophomores – seniors).

Open Registration begins November 16, 2018.

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