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Search Committee

Joe Staley, Co-Chair
Vice President for University Advancement

Christine Walther, Ph.D., Co-Chair
Associate Professor of Psychology,
College of Human Sciences and Humanities
President-Elect, Faculty Senate

Edward Waller, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor of Finance
College of Business

LeeBrian Gaskins, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Vice President for Information Technology, CIO
Academic Affairs, Office of the Provost

Tim Richardson, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President of Student Success

Jana Willis, Ph.D.
Department Chair and Professor of Literacy, Library Science, and Learning Technologies,
College of Education
Chair, Council of Chairs

Laurie Weaver, Ed.D.
Program Coordinator and Professor of Studies in Language and Culture,
College of Education
Chair, Council of Professors

Randall Xu, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Accounting
College of Business

Felix Simieou, III, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Educational Leadership
Interim Associate Dean
College of Education

Youssef Hamidi, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
College of Science and Engineering

Roberta Leal, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Social Work
College of Human Sciences and Humanities

Yvonne Hernandez-Friedman, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President of Student Engagement

Beth Lewis, Ed.D.
Associate Vice President and Chief Operations Officer
UHCL at Pearland

Brandon Woodcock
Vice President – Administration, Student Government Association

Veronica Ortiz
Program Coordinator I, Center for Faculty Development
Vice President, University Staff Association