Personnel Policies

Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Statement  Related: SAM 01.D.05
Affirmative Action SAM 01.D.04
Sexual Misconduct Policy SAM 01.D.08
Discrimination & Harassment Policy SAM 01.D.07
Discipline & Dismissal of Regular Staff Employees Related: SAM 02.A.04
Grievance & Appeal for Non-Faculty Employees Related: SAM 02.A.05
Reduction in Force of Regular Staff Employees Related: SAM 02.A.06
Consulting & Paid Professional Services Related: SAM 02.A.08
Conflict of Interest SAM 02.A.09
Disclosure of Related Party Interest SAM 03.A.17
Performance Assessment  Related: SAM 02.A.11
Recruitment, Job Posting & Selection of Staff Employees Related: SAM 02.A.13
Promotion, Demotion & Transfer of Staff Related: SAM 02.A.14
Probationary Period for Regular Staff Employees Related: SAM 02.A.18 
Hours of Work Related: SAM 02.A.20 
Nepotism Related: SAM 02.A.21
Employees and Independent Contractors Related: SAM 02.A.24
Separation from the University Related: SAM 02.A.25
UHCL Training Program Related: SAM 02.A.26
Ethical Conduct of Employees SAM 02.A.29
Public Access to Personnel Files Related: SAM 02.A.31
Labor Unions SAM 02.A.32  
Employment of Foreign National SAM 02.A.33 
Type of Staff Employment Related: SAM 02.A.34
Search Committees SAM 02.A.35 
New Staff Orientation and Processing Related: SAM 02.A.36
Background Checks for Employees SAM 02.A.37 
Political Aid & Legislative Influence SAM 02.A.39 
Staff Attendance & Punctuality Related: SAM 02.A.40
Workplace Violence  
UHCL ADAAA Workplace Accommodation Related: SAM 02.E.09
AIDS Policy  
Open Records  
Leave Entitlements
Vacation and Sick Leave                     Related: SAM 02.D.01
Sick Leave Pool SAM 02.D.02
Leaves of Absence SAM 02.D.04
Family and Medical Leave Related: SAM 02.D.06
Parental Leave Related: SAM 02.D.08
Expert Witness Services SAM 02.D.07
Emergency Closing  
Miscellaneous Benefits
Perquisites SAM 02.E.02
Holidays SAM 02.E.03
Staff Service and Performance Awards Related: SAM 02.F.03
Employee Health Fitness and Education SAM 02.E.08