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The University of Houston-Clear Lake lists all its Memorandum of Administration Policies (MAPs) and applicable System Administrative Memorandums (SAMs). Please note that in instances where no UHCL policy is applicable, users will be directed to the University of Houston System's website and the appropriate SAM. We encourage all users to use this site as a valuable resource for accessing policies. Revised dates highlighted in RED indicates the policy is currently in review.

A. General

Policy # Policy Procedure Revised
02.A.04 Discipline & Dismissal of Regular Staff Employees   05/27/2020
02.A.05 Employee Relations, Grievance, and Appeal   05/27/2020
02.A.06 Reduction in Force of Regular Staff Employees   05/08/1997
02.A.08 Consulting and Paid Professional Service   06/18/2021
02.A.09 Conflict of Interest   06/18/2021
02.A.10 Shift Differential   06/18/2021
02.A.11 Performance Assessment   06/18/2021
02.A.13 Recruitment, Job Posting & Selection of Staff Employees   04/16/2021
02.A.14 Promotion and Transfer of Staff   04/08/2021
02.A.18 Probationary Period for Regular Staff Employees   04/16/2021
02.A.20 Hours of Work   07/21/2020
02.A.21 Nepotism   07/09/2021
02.A.24 Employees and Independent Contractors    
02.A.25 Separation from the University   06/18/2021
02.A.26 UHCL Training Program   09/01/2001
02.A.29 Ethical Conduct of Employees   03/25/2016
02.A.31 Public Access to Personnel Files   06/18/2021
02.A.32 Labor Unions   09/25/2015
02.A.33 Employment of Foreign Nationals   06/18/2021
02.A.34 Types of Staff Employment   07/06/2016
02.A.35 Search Committees for Executive and Staff Positions   09/03/2019
02.A.36 New Staff Orientation and Processing   06/18/2021
02.A.37 Background Checks for Employees   07/06/2016
02.A.39 Political Aid and Legislative Influence   11/06/2019
02.A.40 Staff Attendance & Punctuality   07/20/2021
02.A.45 Workplace Violence   12/09/2009

B. Compensation

Policy # Policy Procedure Revised
02.B.01 Classification of Staff Jobs   05/13/2016
02.B.02 Overtime and Compensatory Time for Non-Exempt Staff   04/22/1999
02.B.04 UHCL Staff Compensation   12/01/2011
02.B.06 Authorized Categories of Non-Exempt Compensation   04/08/2021
02.B.07 Fair Labor Standards Act   07/09/2021
02.B.08 Hazardous Duty Pay   09/25/2015
02.B.12 Summer Pay Policy for Faculty   10/21/2020

C. Fringe Benefits

Policy # Policy Procedure Revised
02.C.01 Employee Benefits Program   01/31/2009
02.C.02 Supplemental Retirement Programs   01/31/2009
02.C.05 Mandatory Retirement Programs   09/03/2019
02.C.08 Group Insurance   10/08/2009

D. Leave Entitlements

Policy # Policy Procedure Revised
02.D.01 Vacation and Sick Leave   06/27/2021
02.D.02 Sick Leave Pool   11/29/2001
02.D.04 Types of Employee Leave   07/09/2021
02.D.06 Family and Medical Leave   06/18/2021
02.D.07 Expert Witness Services   04/10/2015
02.D.08 Parental Leave   07/09/2021
02.D.09 Sick Leave Donation   06/04/2018
02.D.10 Family Leave Pool   04/07/2022

E. Miscellaneous Benefits

Policy # Policy Procedure Revised
02.E.02 Perquisites   07/28/2015
02.E.03 Holidays   04/10/2015
02.E.05 Employee Assistance Program   08/13/2019
02.E.07 Staff Service and Performance Awards   05/11/2000
02.E.08 Employee Health Fitness and Education   05/13/2016
02.E.09 Reasonable Workplace Accommodations for Employees With Disabilities UHCL ADAAA Workplace Accommodation 08/25/2017

F. Payroll

Policy # Policy Procedure Revised
02.F.03 Employee Time and Effort Reporting   04/08/2021
02.F.05 Payroll Deductions   12/04/2015
02.F.07 Direct Deposit of Salaries   06/14/2016


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