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General Administration

The University of Houston-Clear Lake lists all its Memorandum of Administration Policies (MAPs) and applicable System Administrative Memorandums (SAMs). Please note that in instances where no UHCL policy is applicable, users will be directed to the University of Houston System's website and the appropriate SAM. We encourage all users to use this site as a valuable resource for accessing policies. Revised dates highlighted in RED indicates the policy is currently in review.

A. Administrative Guide

Policy # Policy Procedure Revised
01.A.01 Administrative Memoranda System   11/18/2019
01.A.03 Board of Regents Policy Development   05/25/2011
01.A.06 University Shared Governance Policy   11/20/2020
01.A.08 Tobacco-Free Campus Policy   05/10/2018
01.A.10 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Policy    

B. Facilities and Physical Plant

Policy # Policy Procedure Revised
01.B.03 Temporary Buildings   05/27/2016
01.B.05 Signature Authority for Construction Contracts   06/20/2019
01.B.06 Use of Space and Facilities   05/08/2014
01.B.07 Facilities Acquisition, Construction, or Renovation   05/06/2019
01.B.08 Project Management Fees   09/01/2020
01.B.09 Capital Facilities Life Cycle Renewal   02/12/2021

C. Risk Management

Policy # Policy Procedure Revised
01.C.01 Risk Management Policy   01/29/2020
01.C.02 Allocation of Insurance Premium and Claim Reimbursements   02/27/2017
01.C.03 Reporting work-related injuries and illnesses   02/23/2017
01.C.04 Reporting/Investigating Fraudulent Acts   01/14/2019
01.C.05 Executive Travel   08/06/2019
01.C.07 Safety Administration   02/23/2017
01.C.08 Environmental Review for Acquisition for Real Property   05/27/2016
01.C.09 Tort Liability   02/23/2017
01.C.10 Return to Work   12/03/2012
01.C.11 Property Loss Claims   02/23/2017
01.C.12 Animals on University Campuses   01/29/2020
01.C.13 Business Use of Vehicles   02/08/2013
01.C.14 Identity Theft   11/05/2012
01.C.15 Pedestrian Safety   02/23/2017
01.C.16 Asbestos-Containing Material   05/15/2018
01.C.20 Campus Carry Policy   08/23/2021

D. Legal Affairs

Policy # Policy Procedure Revised
01.D.01 Requests for Services from the Office of General Counsel   11/28/2016
01.D.02 Employment of Outside Legal Counsel   11/28/2016
01.D.03 Trademark Management   12/20/2019
01.D.04 Affirmative Action Policy   05/12/2012
01.D.05 Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Statement   05/12/2012
01.D.06 Protection of Confidential Information    
01.D.07 Anti-Discrimination Policy   05/13/2022
01.D.08 Sexual Misconduct Policy    
01.D.09 Student Academic Adjustments/Auxiliary Aids Policy   12/04/2015
01.D.10 Consensual Relationship Policy   02/20/2019
01.D.11 Emotional Support Animals   04/04/2019
01.D.12 Service Animals   04/04/2019
01.D.13 Electronic and Information Resources Accessibility   04/04/2019
01.D.14 Title VI Non-Discrimination Compliance Policy   05/02/2019
01.D.15 Freedom of Expression Policy   01/23/2021

E. Technology Transfer and Innovation

Policy # Policy Procedure Revised
01.E.01 Office of Technology Transfer and Innovation   11/16/2018

F. Public Safety

Policy # Policy Procedure Revised
01.F.01 Public Safety Standards   05/15/2019
01.F.02 Purchasing Approval and Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)   01/07/2020
01.F.05 Emergency Management Policy Emergency Management Business Continuity Planning 08/30/2019
01.F.06 Essential Personnel   06/18/2021
01.F.07 Fire and Life Safety Code    

G. Research

Policy # Policy Procedure Revised
01.G.01 Sponsored Research Activities   04/19/2013
01.G.02 Sponsored Research Agency Project Reporting Requirements on Harassment and Sexual Assault   01/16/2020

H. University Marketing, Communication and Media Relations

Policy # Policy Procedure Revised
01.H.01 Social Media Policy   01/07/2020
01.H.02 Media Relations   07/03/2020

I. Institutional Compliance and Ethics

Policy # Policy Procedure Revised
01.I.01 Institutional Compliance and Ethics Program   04/13/2021


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