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  • MathVision Vids Fridays, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
    In coordination with the STEMester theme, the Math Center has a playlist of documentaries, movies, and educational tips. The videos play at reduced volume in the large back room of the Math Center.

Fall 2018 STEMester

Every week in the semester, a different mathematical or STEM-related theme is presented. All students are welcome to attend the speakers and presentations, including the movie and documentary viewings.

Week Starting Topic and Event
1 Aug. 27 Open
2 Sept. 3 Math Anxiety
3 Sept. 10 Puzzles and Games
4 Sept. 17 Chemistry
5 Sept. 24 Persons of Color in STEM
6 Oct. 1 Physics
7 Oct. 8 Geometry

Oct. 15

Computer Science

Careers at Flow-Cal
12 - 1 p.m., Bayou 2127
Speaker: George Burns, Flow-Cal 

Flow-Cal, a local Clear Lake business, currently employs some of our computer science alumni. George Burns discusses  career at Flow-Cal and how their employees use STEM to succeed in their careers.

9 Oct. 22 Actuarial Science
10 Oct. 29 3D Printing
11 Nov. 5 Pop Culture

Nov. 12


Mathematics as Your Wingman
12 - 1 p.m., Bayou 2127
Speaker: Bun Yue, Ph.D., UHCL Professor of Computer Science

For most people, direct applications of Mathematics may not go much beyond additions, subtractions, and multiplications. However, a strong sense of mathematical and statistical thinking can be a powerful tool to understand and manage biases, fakeness, emotions, decision makings, etc. This practical talk discusses how to use Mathematics as a wingman to navigate through life adventures. Knowledge of high school algebra is sufficient to thoroughly understand the talk.

13 Nov. 19 Thanksgiving
14 Nov.26 Biology
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