Instagram is a photo- and video-sharing platform that is great for University of Houston-Clear Lake groups to share images unique to their area for events. To help you get started, refer to the UH System Social Media Policy for official policies for all UH System campuses. Additionally, the following recommendations serve as guidelines to managing your Instagram profile to best reflect your area. If you have any questions or need additional resources, email

Review Instagram’s Community Guidelines.


The email account associated with the Instagram profile should use a group mailbox so that several members of the department or program can check rather than an employee’s personal UHCL email address.

Instagram Username
The Instagram username should include the university name in it and be kept short to help users type and remember it. Your profile name should be consistent with your other social media site names.
Instagram is a mobile app
Instagram is strictly a mobile app. You will need a mobile device to utilize all the functions. While the desktop version allows you to access profiles, full capabilities to share photos, edit comments, etc. are reserved for mobile devices. 
Follow UHCL
Follow the official University of Houston-Clear Lake Instagram account, @UHClearLake. Use the hashtag #UHCL to make your posts searchable by others.
Take lots of Photos
Instagram relies on unique photos to engage users. Share photos unique to your area or department. Share only your best photos, not every shot. Photos/videos require a signed release form from students, faculty, staff or visitors who are visibly recognizable in the image. These rules apply to photographs intended for use in university publications of a marketing or promotional nature, as well as university Web pages/social media sites, videos and other media. Photos of crowd scenes where no single person is the dominant feature are exempt from this requirement.
Post Frequency
Aim at posting twice to three times per week, at minimum. Strategic and frequent posts have more potential to engage users.
Use Hashtags

A hashtag (denoted by “#”) is a keyword used to help categorize Instagram posts and increase the discoverability of your posts to users. Use #UHCL in posts to promote UHCL social media growth. If you are creating a specific hashtag for your office, department or event, use “UHCL” in the hashtag to promote the university.

#UHCLOH (for UHCL Open House)

Double-tap a photo to "like" it
A heart icon will indicate your “like” to other users, which helps extend your reach on Instagram.
Mention other users

Use “@” in your Instagram posts to tag them in a comment or post. Be sure the accounts you tag are legitimate and relevant to your audience.

Use filters

Instagram offers a variety of filters to enhance the final look of your post. Pay close attention to how a filter alters the colors if posting graphics.

Use a combination of videos and images
Instagram offers multiple ways for you to share images: a single photo, a small gallery of photos, or short video clips. Vary your posts when appropriate to engage users.
Download the Re-Post App to share Instagram posts of other users. Be sure to share relevant and appropriate content. If you have questions about what should/should not be re-posted, email
Keep content short
Aim for short sentences when posting with about 4-5 lines of text. Use Emojis to add personality to your posts and that best reflect your area and the university.
Use Links
Links should be used when appropriate. Note that links are not accessible in live Instagram posts. However, they are accessible in the bio section of your profile. You may change out the link when necessary and direct users there by adding “check the link in our bio” to your posts.


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