Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It is a great way to share activities, accomplishments, events and engage with the University of Houston-Clear Lake community. Before you begin, contact the Office of University Communications to discuss your needs. Refer to the UH System Social Media Policy for official policies for all UH System campuses. The following recommendations serve as a guide to managing your social media site to best reflect your area on Facebook. If you have any questions or need additional resources, email socialmedia@uhcl.edu.

Review Facebook’s Terms and Policies.

Pages and Groups

Pages are accessible by the general public. They are searchable and can be seen by anyone even if they are not registered or logged into Facebook. Pages provide detailed information about an organization and are intended for organizations, departments, and businesses to connect with users who ‘like’ them.

Groups are helpful if your goal is to create a small community on Facebook for internal audiences. Groups can be created by anyone and about any topic as a forum for people to share their opinions and interest in that subject; for example, classes or groups can discuss projects, class topics, trends in the field, opportunities, etc. Groups can be kept closed or secret, whereas Pages are intended to help an entity communicate publicly. Notifications to those in your Group will appear in their Facebook notifications and email, depending on individual settings.

Naming Your Page

When setting up a social media page, incorporate the university name in the following manner: UHCL Department name, UH-Clear Lake Department Name or University of Houston-Clear Lake Department Name.


UHCL Capt. Wendell M. Wilson Office of Military and Veteran Services

UH-Clear Lake Art Gallery

University of Houston-Clear Lake Counseling Services

Vanity URL

Set up a page username or vanity URL. Usernames allow public entities to easily promote your presence on social media with a short URL. This username can be used in your marketing communications, web page and business cards. If you are an administrator of a Facebook Page, choose your username at http://www.facebook.com/username. Vanity URLS and account names should start with the university name.


UHCL Center for Educational Programs
Vanity URL - www.facebook.com/UHCLCEP

UH-Clear Lake Center for Educational Programs
Vanity URL - www.facebook.com/UHClearLakeCEP

Page naming options for other social media sites should follow the page name for Facebook. If you have questions about this, please ask the Office of University Communications before establishing your account and vanity URL. 

Profile Information

Include contact information, including email and a phone number, on the ‘About’ section in Facebook so people know who to contact for questions. Include the official statement below in the ‘More Info’ section:

Thank you for finding us on Facebook! We encourage open discussion on the topics we post. To ensure we engage a diverse community, interactions should be civil and respectful. 

Questions about this specific Facebook page may be addressed to the page administrator by sending an email to _______ or by using Facebook’s messenger tool.
For information regarding admissions and enrollment, email admissions@uhcl.edu.

All content posted here does not necessarily reflect the views/opinions of the university.

Follow UHCL Pages
Additionally, please add the official University of Houston-Clear Lake Facebook page and the UHCL at Pearland Facebook page to your page’s liked pages to share information with the community. Visit the Social Media Directory to find links to other active social media pages representing UHCL. Like these pages as your page to get updates from other areas on campus. 


Monitor and Respond to Comments/Questions

Respond to interactions in a timely manner and with accurate information. Understand that not all comments will be positive. When necessary, respond to negative comments professionally and provide any additional information that may help resolve the issue. Comments and statements cannot be removed unless they violate UH System or Facebook policy. If you need guidance on responding to or removing comments, contact the Office of University Communications, 283-283-2015 or socialmedia@uhcl.edu

Post Photos and Videos

Status updates with photos are more likely to be clicked on than status updates without photos. Photos/videos require a signed release form from students, faculty, staff or visitors who are visibly recognizable in the image. These rules apply to photographs intended for use in university publications of a marketing or promotional nature, as well as university Web pages/social media sites, videos and other media. Photos of crowd scenes where no single person is the dominant feature are exempt from this requirement.

Keep Content Short

Aim for short sentences when posting. Try to keep your posts between three and four lines of text.

 Post Frequency
Keep your page active with weekly updates, at minimum. Lack of regular posts can drive followers to not pay attention to your page or remove it from their news feed.
Create Events
Is your area hosting an event for the public or students? Create a Facebook Event through your page to inform your audience about your upcoming events, allow them to add it to their upcoming events calendar, and let others discover your events.
Use Tagging
In a status update, type the “@” symbol followed directly (no space) by the name of another Facebook page you want to tag.

Use Links

Use links to drive followers to your area’s website. This will help reduce the possibility of misinformation and drive traffic to the university website. Use a link shortener such as https://bitly.com/ to shorten links. This helps clean up your social media posts and allows you track the number of clicks on your links. See guidelines on link shortening on the Sprout Social blog.


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