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Student Organizations

Student Organization Logo Usage

UHCL logos are trademarked and legally protected, and the UHCL Brand Guide team will help each student organization that wishes to use UHCL trademarks obtain the necessary permission and approvals to use our logos.

Student Organizations include the following: 

Fee-Funded Student Organizations 

Fee-Funded Student Organizations are student organizations that are sponsored and funded by the UHCL Office of Student Involvement and Leadership and are considered an official part of the university. 

Fee-Funded Student Organizations include the following: 

  • Student Government 
  • Hawk spirit and Traditions Council (HSTC) 
  • Campus Activities Board (CAB) 

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) 

Registered Student Organizations are created and run by students, often with a faculty sponsor, but are not funded by UHCL. 

Student organizations, both fee-funded and RSOs, contribute to the spirit and value of University of Houston-Clear Lake. As they are part of the UHCL experience, we have created this page to help ensure that our brand is represented accurately and appropriately

When and how to use UHCL logos

Fee-Funded Student Organizations 

Fee-Funded Student Organizations are considered official entities of the university and must use the lockups provided by Marketing and Communications. Additionally, any marketing materials produced by a Fee-Funded Student Organization that do not include an official lockup must still include a UHCL logo. Because of this, they are subject to the full Brand Guide review process, which is outlined below. 

Fee-funded student organizations must use the official lockup created for them. This lockup consists of the UHCL acronym logo, a line separating the name of the student org and the acronym logo, and the student org name in all caps in Oswald regular. 

Lockup placement

In order to maintain visual impact and ensure that it is not confused as being part of another design element, there should always be space around the lockup in which no other elements other than background elements are placed. This space should be at least 1/2 of the width of the lockup; for example, for a one-inch logo, a half inch of space is needed on all four sides of the lockup. 

The lockup itself should not be shrunk to less than 1” tall or about 3” wide. 

Colors and variations 

There are three versions of these logo lockups: a four-color version, which consists of the four-color acronym logo, a black line, and the office name in UHCL blue; an all-black version; an all-blue version; and an all-white version. These should not be changed.

There should be a high degree of contrast between the lockup and the background elements upon which it is placed. For instances in which black and white printing is all that is available, the black version is preferred.

Logo examples

4-color Black Blue White
four color student org stacked logo black student org stacked logo Blue student org stacked logo white stacked student org logo

four color signature line student org logo

black signature line student org logo

blue signature line student org logo

white signature line student org logo

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) 

RSOs are free to use university logos on promotional materials; however, if they do so, they are subject to the full Brand Guide review process. RSOs cannot use official UHCL logos as part of their organization logo. 

For more information:

Brand Guide Process Brand Guide Tip SheetStudent Org Brand Guidelines Chart


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