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University of Houston-Clear Lake has helped thousands of students transform their dreams into reality, with more than 80 degree programs, devoted faculty members, and unwavering support from the community.


A New Era of Higher Education

Ira K. Blake, Ph.D. 

Ira K. Blake

Ira K. Blake grew up as the daughter of sharecroppers with elementary schooling who taught her that education was the key to transforming her life. As the fifth president of the University of Houston-Clear Lake, she is passionately leading a new era for the university that advances its legacy of educating problem-solvers who create new ways of tackling the world’s challenges. Read the full story.

Strategic Plan

Building Campus Community

Kyndhal Stewart

Kyndhal Stewart

When Kyndhal Stewart transferred to UHCL, she found the community and sense of belonging that she was looking for. As one of the first resident advisers in the university’s soon-to-open residence hall, she’s channeling her experience to help fellow Hawks feel they’re truly at home there. As a student leader, she’s developing her own leadership skills while reaching out to other students and supporting their transition to be successful socially, academically and emotionally. Read the full story.

Hunter Residence Hall

Creating Brighter Futures

Nizam and Jesmin Meah

Nizam and Jesmin Meah

Although Nizam and Jesmin Meah came to the United States from Bangladesh, they call Pearland home. It’s where they furthered their careers, established their family and have invested in the community. It’s where they see opportunities for everyone to better themselves. With the Meahs' help, University of Houston-Clear Lake at Pearland is expanding the footprint of its autism center and equipping nurses for the workforce, providing more access to treatment and health care resources. Read the full story.

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Cultivating Social Change

Dr. Roberta Leal

Dr. Roberta Leal

Dr. Roberta Leal and her family found themselves in dire need of social services during the economic downturn in the 1980s. By connecting with community social workers, she discovered how one social justice act can empower an entire community, and later combined her personal experiences with education to realize her life’s purpose. As a mentor and an educator in UHCL’s social work program, she advocates for students and colleagues to learn, grow and belong. Read the full story.

Social Work Program

Paying It Forward, One Student at a Time

Michael Landolt

Michael Landolt

As a financial expert, Michael Landolt knows the power of investing in not only business, but in people. When he and his wife, Ann, established a scholarship endowment at UHCL, they ensured that students in the area received access to higher education without the burden of cost. Their support has helped dozens of students achieve their goals for more than 20 years, creating a legacy of giving that continues to stimulate the community. Read the full story.

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Education Without Limitations

Dr. Shreerekha Subramanian

Shreerekha Subramanian

Dr. Shreerekha Subramanian believes that education should be an act of radical inclusion. No student should ever feel that they don’t belong in the classroom. As a professor of humanities teaching in UHCL’s Academics for Offenders program, she is helping students find their voice and overcome any sense that education is a privilege that extends to others. She thinks of teachers as portals to another universe of knowledge, and for students who are incarcerated, awakening to this fact becomes a lifeline. Read the full story.

Academics for Offenders Program

A Catalyst for Higher Level Care

Dr. Karen Alexander

Karen Alexander

Dr. Karen Alexander saw an urgent need for more educators to train the next generation of nursing professionals. As program director of the RN-BSN program at UHCL Pearland, she’s committed to delivering the highest level of education to her students. In the new, leading-edge Health Sciences and Classroom Building, she is raising the bar, training and mentoring registered nurses to expand their competency and succeed in a demanding profession that depends on the skills of highly trained nurses. Read the full story.

RN-BSN Program

Soaring Despite the Odds

Nancy Vega

Nancy Vega

Childhood experiences in school had a powerful impact on Nancy Vega’s path in life. It’s how she unlocked her passion for learning and her career. As a future educator in UHCL’s Success Through Educational Programs, she returned to her childhood school district, where she is supporting young students as a teacher and a homegrown role model. Her goal is to be a positive influence on her students, just as her teachers were. Read the full story.

Success Through Education Programs

The Formula for Infinite Success

Denise Navarro

Denise Navarro

Denise Navarro discovered a career path in the STEM field while earning her degree from UHCL, but realized she wanted more. She combined her love for technology with her passion for connecting with people to earn her second degree and start her own company. Now, she’s contributing to student scholarships and STEM initiatives to pave the way for students to unlock their potential. Denise is building the foundation to create a stronger community that will provide solutions to the world’s complex challenges. Read the full story.

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Transforming Community Health

Dr. William Amonette

Bill Amonette

Dr. William Amonette is passionate about weightlifting and sports but never thought it would lead to a career in science. After accomplishing what he thought was his career goal as a strength coach in professional sports, he realized his real calling. Today, he teaches students and conducts research using the same technologies used with world-class athletes to improve health outcomes in the Health and Human Performance Institute at UHCL. Dr. Amonette helps people prevent or overcome chronic disease and become the champion of their health. Read the full story.

Exercise and Health Sciences

Redefining Global Healthcare

Loukia Tsami

Loukia Tsami

Loukia Tsami became a licensed, board-certified behavior analyst to live out her passion to help children on the autism spectrum. Her day job is to provide telehealth services to families in Texas through UHCL's Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities. But for Tsami, the workday isn’t over at 5 p.m. Using mobile technology, she spends evenings and weekends coaching caregivers of kids on the autism spectrum virtually all over the globe. Her support, under the guidance of caring, dedicated professors, is changing the world, one child at a time. Read the full story.

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Where Passion Meets Purpose

Alfred Mimms

Alfred Mimms

When Alfred Mimms joined the military, he didn't expect his service as a combat medic to lead to cancer research during his studies at UHCL. His transition from saving lives on the battlefield to finding ways to save lives worldwide reflects just a fraction of what you can accomplish as a student at UHCL. The biotechnology program offers three specialization areas to suit your interests, whether you're interested in molecular research, management and marketing, or bioinformatics. Read the full story.

Biotechnology Program